Sunday, 12 July 2009

It's a dogs life

I've had a fab day out at Jerry Green's Dog Rescue open day today. I have been going to this event for several years, first with my cat business, I sold fancy goods and gifts with a cat theme, and last year I did a charity stand and gave the proceeds to Jerry Green. This time I took the Scrapstore stand. Although I was working I had time to have a mooch around as Lorraine was with me.

There was a car boot sale on as well, and I was chuffed to find a big plastic box of nails for £1, a great find as I had run out of that particular size. I had a stroll round the dog pens and read some of the details of the dogs, which were on a board outside each pen. It was heartbreaking to see so many abandoned dogs waiting for some kind soul to take them home. I watched a little girl for a while who was looking longingly at a small friendly dog who was jumping up at the wire fence. I could tell she was smitten by it, I hoped her mum and dad would see how much she wanted to take it home.

I couldn't look at all the dogs because I found it too upsetting, how could people abandon their pets! Maybe some of them had lost their owners for other reasons, still very sad when you think they might never find another home.

We were very busy on the stand, a steady stream of enquiries, and we gave out lots of leaflets, lets hope some of them come to the Scrapstore for their crafting supplies. This is Lorraine....

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  1. I love scrapstores... but I don't think most people don't know what they are... good for you doing your bit to get the word around. Sad about the dogs... and unfortunately I can only have one at a time...


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