Saturday, 22 August 2009

A bridge not too far

I had Ben overnight last night, my friends dog, so after a quick walk round the churchyard I took him back to his own house. I get the feeling today is going to be a walking day, but I'm not sure where to go. It's too late to make it a full day out so I think it has to be somewhere not too far away as I don't want to drive for miles. I am only ten miles from the Humber Bridge, and it is a sunny morning, seems like a good idea to walk across it, and explore the other side. I need a map, thank goodness for the internet where any map you want is free. Of course they don't let you have the whole map, but that's fine, I only want the bits of where I am going to walk. I printed off six sections and stuck them together.

At 12 noon my car was parked on the south side of the River Humber, near the footpath up onto the bridge. This is the start.On the bridge, a little way along...
Now I am over the other side, looking down onto the country park, the old windmill and the pub/restaurant, That's the A63 out of Hull on the right which leads onto the M62 across the Pennines to Liverpool. This part of the north bank stretches as far as Goole. I walked as far as you can see, along the waters edge.
The path is part of the Yorkshire Wolds Way, which leads onto the Trans Pennine Trail, and is suitable for walking and cycling. Looking back at the bridge. As you can see the shore line is pebbles, rocks, and mud, not a good place for a paddle, ha ha. I sat on the rocks and ate a sandwich. I carried on past North Ferriby then turned right onto a footpath through Long Plantation, which goes through the woods, then turned right into the village. I like to spend a few minutes of contemplation in a church, I am not religeous but it seems appropriate to say my thanks for such a lovely life. I wrote a little prayer request and hung it on the tree, for Henry, my friends dog who is having an xray on Monday, I hope God prays for animals.
The bridge seems an awful long way away now, stretching over the water in the distance, I walked towards it along the road. I wanted to walk back over it on the eastern footpath to get a different view, but they had closed it due to roadworks. So with my head down my pace quickened as I tackled the final leg of the walk. At 5.30pm I was back in my car, pleased with my half day out, I estimate it to be about 13 miles.

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  1. What a beautiful walk Ilona. And great photographs. Isn't it wonderful that such lovely things as fresh air, sunshine and the great view are FREE!


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