Friday, 28 August 2009

Not much good at clothes shopping

I watched one of those reality programmes when I was dog sitting at my friends house the other day. What was it, Ten Years Younger, or something like that. There was two women who looked a lot older than their years, one of them had the full works under the surgeons knife, and the other had non surgical treatments. They both had their teeth fixed, hair done, and were fitted out with a whole new wardrobe of clothes, and both were delighted with their new image.
I suddenly realised that I have let myself go a bit just lately, and looked much the same as the before version on the tele. Today I decided to do something about it, a visit to a few charity shops should kit me out with some bright new clobber. My friend was delighted when I told her, she said, you always wear baggy clothes, which is true, I like to be comfy. It was my intention to get some colour into my life instead of the drab dark clothes I usually wear.
Anyway, the Oxfam shop had a sign up saying all clothes 50p, I went through all the racks, and found this, a nearly new fleecy jacket. Perfect and what a bargain.

Then I went to the Scope shop and found another bargain, just what I want, another pair of walking boots. I tried them on, perfect, well broken in by the previous owner, so hopefully no blisters for me. A snip at only £2.
I also found another nice jacket, a bit thicker than the other one, perfect for dog walking in, almost new and a good make. At £3.50 I felt it was good value.
I also bought a pair of brown cord trousers for £3, very smart. When I got home I found that both the jackets are reversible, so that's a bonus. So that's me kitted out for winter.

My new image looks like it is not going to materialise just yet, I just can't find anything that is cheap and fashionable, and warm and comfortable. I am not much good at clothes shopping :-(

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  1. We live in a college town and the Goodwill and ARC are always filled to bursting. It's actually kind of sad...but good for those of us who shop there.
    Lots of very stylish clothes, and plenty of other items. Now that I have turned 55, I prefer the Goodwill, as they give a "senior" discount. Because I ALWAYS find something I like, but don't always need, I try to only shop there when I both a) actually have a little $$, and b) actually need something.


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