Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Will I be lucky?

Has anyone been watching the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square? It's the empty one where people are lifted up onto it and can do their own thing for an hour. There is a web site where you can watch it live,

I've had it on in the background today and keep flicking onto it to see if anything interesting is happening, I have to report, in my opinion, it is pretty boring. The people I have seen have not come up with any original ideas, most of them just stand around or pace up and down, and wave a bit and shout down to people. One guy talked into his mobile phone for most of his hour, a few of them have taken a camera up there and pointed it around, nothing very exciting has happened. There is a guy on at the moment doing a bit of contemporary dance, at least he is doing something artistic.

These people have missed a wonderful opportunity, they have a showcase on the world, advertising space for that length of time and to such a wide audience would cost a fortune. I think I would make a pretty good job of it so I have applied for a place. Competition is fierce, thousands more applicants than there are places, so I won't hold my breath, I am not usually lucky enough to win anything :-(


  1. I have left an award for you over on my blog, please feel free to collect it.

  2. Thank you very much, I am honoured, you are very kind. I am also trying to limit myself on the computer as well, what with Down the Lane, reading newspapers, and now checking on who is on the Fourth Plinth, there is no hope for me :-)


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