Saturday, 19 September 2009

Feet on fire

I must be a glutton for punishment, I am sat with my feet on a cushion because they are extremely sore. After three days in the house I was ready for another walk. There is an Open Studios event at the Ropewalk, a contemporary arts and craft gallery in Barton on Humber, 13 miles away, I thought it would be a good idea to walk there and get the bus back.

I set off at 10.50am and walked for three hours then stopped at South Ferriby for a rest and a bite to eat, my feet were already getting a bit sore then, I had done 8 miles. After changing my socks, I decided to get the bus to Barton, what a relief to sit down.

There were some very interesting people to chat to at the gallery, fascinating to watch them at work. Artists painting, a young lady was weaving with a very complicated looking loom, a graphic artist was designing the cover for a book, and people were happy to explain how they made their designs. I was so busy talking I didn't notice the time, and as the sun was still shining I thought it would be a good idea to make the most of it and start walking back along the side of the river. I walked the five miles to South Ferriby, and found there was a bus due in ten minutes so I sat on the bench and waited fot it. The trouble was, it didn't go into my village so I had to get off and walk the last two miles home, it was getting dark by now and to walk on a road without a footpath is a little bit crazy, I had to keep jumping onto the grass verge as yet another hothead sped by me.

The last half hour was a real struggle, I wanted to collapse in a heap, then I saw the lights of my village, so head down and go for it, I got home at 8pm. I still try and walk the same distances now as I did thirty years ago, well there's no harm in setting goals is there. My poor feet feel like they are on fire, hardly surprising after 15 miles.


  1. Wow, Ilona that is some walk, especially for pleasure! You must be mad Lol. I enjoy walking but not that far!! Tomorrow I think you should spoil your feet with a soak and a bit of TLC.

  2. It's an at home day today, a bit of pottering, or should I say hobbling, ha ha. Forgot to mention that I found one of those balloon tag things with an address to return it, so the person who released it gets a prize. They live in Nottingham so it travelled quite a distance,I'm about to put it in an envelope and send it back.


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