Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I feel seasick

I'm back, cheers and tears of delight and relief. My lovely computer man sorted it out for me. He did for me what would have taken the best part of a month to do for myself. Worth every penny. The Modem has been chucked, that was the cause of the problem, broadband not getting through, now I have a shiny new Router and it's magic. Just switch on, give it a minute, don't need to wait for dial tone, one click on the Explorer icon and I'm connected. He has also reinstated an email address which I had mucked up, and set up a new hotmail address, and got rid of Outlook Express and replaced it with Windows Live Mail, and had a general checkover and clean up. I would be lost without him, so many thanks to Mark Hebblethwaite :-)

I went to have a look at the yachts in the round the world Clipper Race, (courtesy of my bus pass), they are at Hull Docks untill they set off on Sunday. I thought there would be lots and lots of them, but there was only ten, never mind, they looked very colourfull. It was difficult to get good photo's because with elf n safety gone mad, there were barriers to keep joe public at a distance. I think my next move is to update my camera.
I wouldn't fancy sailing round the world, I can just see myself hanging over the side shouting 'are we there yet', ha ha, they are a brave lot. It was very blustery on land, just imagine what it would be like bobbing about on the waves. Yuk.

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