Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Putting the garden to bed

The veg garden is looking a bit sad, now that we are getting towards the end of the growing season. It's been a good summer for putting fresh veg on my plate, and I shall be a bit sad when it is all over and I have to go back to buying it from the supermarket.

I still have some potatoes left, a few carrots and onions, four cabbages, and a few spriggs of broccoli, but the beans are all finished, and so are the courgettes. It's time for the Autumn tidy up to start I think. I don't relish the job of pulling the dead plants up and stacking them on the compost heap, but it has to be done.

My tomatoes have been a long time coming but now I have them in abundance, I am eating several every day. There are a lot of green ones which will never ripen, so I'll be cutting them up, cooking them for a few minutes, and freezing them in margarine tubs. These will be handy for adding to my winter stews. I know most people make chutney but I don't like it. I've still got some huge cucumbers which are a great accompaniment for my cheese sandwiches.

With a bit of luck I should be getting some brussel sprouts as the plants look strong and healthy underneath the net curtain covers. That definately did the trick with keeping the dreaded butterflies from laying their eggs all over them.

I am not looking forward to the nights drawing in and limiting my time outdoors, the seasons seem to go by so fast.


  1. Yes, we've passed the Autumn Equinox, so we are now officially entering Glummertime.

  2. I like that, Glummertime, ha ha. Over the next few weeks my garden will be covered by the leaves falling off next doors Silver Birch trees. I used to pick them all up but now I don't bother, since I discovered that the little wriggly wormies will drag them underground. It looks pretty chilly out there from where I'm sitting :-(

  3. I would suggest fried green tomatoes but that would require too much washing up!

  4. You're right lilyredcloud, ha ha, that's unless I leave the oil in the pan and use it for maybe five or six meals :-)


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