Sunday, 15 November 2009

Getting ready to camp out

It's countdown to Henry time, I'm going to pick him up shortly. Just letting you know because I'm not sure if he will allow me to switch the computer on while he is here :-( If this blog goes a bit quiet blame it on Henry, he will be demanding my attention no doubt, and we will be doing lots of walks.

I am knocking together a gate so that I can have the back door open for the cats, but he can't get out. I've found a pallet that just needs a bit sawing off it and a couple of slats adding. That should do the trick. In the meantime I have brought my camp bed into the living room, in case the cats take over the bedroom, I think it's best that I sleep downstairs with Henry, it will save a lot of upset trying to keep them seperate. Wish me luck.


  1. :o) The things you do for that dog!! Well really its for the cats isn't it! That I can understand, little darlings that they are :o)

  2. Good luck Ilona, I know what it is like trying to seperate animals. I love your blog and you can take the credit for my starting one up myself, although I still have miles to go before it is set out properly, still finding my way around it.
    Keep up the wonderful daily blogs, just love reading them.


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