Thursday, 3 December 2009

Thank goodness for cats

There are some days when I would like to live as far away as possible from other human beings, and today is one of those days. Sometime between 2pm and 2.20pm today, my car was vandalised. Someone decided they would have a bit of fun and scrape down the side with a sharp instrument, I think they generally use a key. From front to back there is a wavy scratch, down to the metal, and the whole side will have to be resprayed.

What goes through someone's mind when they do that? Why pick on my car? I was parked at the back of the Scrapstore after unloading some stuff I had collected from a couple of businesses, doing my bit of voluntary work. I had a cup of coffee and a chat and came out to find that some pathetic excuse for a human being had decided to land me with a bill for £100 and an insurance claim. I feel as if I have been personally attacked myself, I feel very saddened that there are a lot of evil nasty people roaming about, and I do despair at what is happening in the world.

Thank goodness for cats. No matter how angry or upset I am, I still have Lilly and Freddie both trying to sit on my knee as I type this. I have already given up my comfortable office chair for Lilly to sit on and I am on a hard dining room chair, but no that isn't enough, he has climbed onto the desk, gone round the back of the computer, and is now balanced once again on my knee. He makes me laugh with his determination to succeed and get what he wants. What would we do without cats eh! Oh well, onward and upward.


  1. I am so sorry tob hear about the scum bag who scratched your car, it makes me mad too. Someone in a white merc hit my car when reversing out of a parking space, did they leave their name? No!! it cost me £115 to get the scratch language was very blue.

  2. There are some despicable people around aren't there! No regard to anyones property, makes me angry. What a low life with nothing better to do! I love cats too, wish mine were more of the lapcat personality though.


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