Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A mountain to climb

Remember I said I wanted to increase my fitness levels because I want to do more walking this year, and maybe tackle a long distance footpath. My thigh and upper leg muscles have become rather flabby, too much sitting in front of this computer I think. I am never going to climb a mountain in this state so I had better do something about it, get off my butt for a start.

I have joined a walking forum, which will hopefully spur me on to get out into the great outdoors. The members seem a great bunch of people, they post pictures and write reports of their walks, I can ask questions on any walk related topic and a lot of people come forward with the answers. They also organise meet ups to go walking in different parts of the country, that should be good fun. Although I enjoy walking by myself it would be nice to meet some friendly folk who have similar interests. I had to come up with a new name for myself to use on the forum, so now I am, 'fit old bird'.

So you can see how important it is for me to get some training under my belt, I have a name to live up to. If I join them for a 20 mile hike it would be so embarrassing if I collapsed in a heap before we got to the finish, I would never live it down. I would have to change my name to 'knackered old bird' :-(

Anyway, I have hit on the ideal solution to get fit, join a gym. Ok I know gym membership costs an arm and a leg, but I have found a very special gym. It costs nothing to join and nothing for a session, it's totally free. It is open 24/7 weekdays and weekends, so I can go anytime, and no limit on how long I stay there. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? I also don't need to buy any special gear because my normal clothes will do. There is a downside to it, there are no showers and no coffee shop, but that doesn't matter because it is two minutes from where I live. I can literally walk out of my door, do my training and be back in the house again to drink my own coffee.

I'm starting off with two short sessions daily, I want to build up the muscles in my legs gradually without injuring myself. No point in going at it like a mad woman, then having to rest up because I have torn a ligament. I like to go last thing at night before bed time, it's nice and quiet and I have the place to myself. Eventually I shall extend the sessions to last longer as my fitness increases. At the moment I am huffing and puffing a bit, but that should get easier with time.

I took some photo's of my gym when I was there this morning, I bet some of you might have a gym like this.
This is the entrance, it's called Stather Hill. Turn right at the pub, past the church and follow the footpath on the right hand side.
When you go round the bend you can see the length of the hill into the distance. Walk very briskly down to the bottom.

When you reach the cottages you are at the bottom where it starts to level out. No point in going any further because the real training starts now as you turn round and head back up. Keep up the same pace on the uphill stretch

Almost back up at the top. This is where I start puffing a bit, but it's head down and march on. There is a bench on the left to sit on if you come over all faint, but so far this has not happened to me. The street lights are a bit sparse at this point, just be carefull that I don't slip off the edge of the pavement, a twisted ankle would put me out of action for a waile.

It's a great gym, isn't it? Six months of this and I will be running up those mountains. What do they call it, Bagging Munro's!


  1. Great post, I enjoyed that.
    I shall follow your progress with interest!

    Your nearest Munro is Ben Lomond by the way, but try the Peak District first, its much nearer and you could use the bus pass!

  2. I love the beware of frogs sign!

  3. I like that gym.....no sweaty folk straining and heaving and the view is lovely.

  4. i love your gym, ooks similar to mie, i have just started walking again 6 months after havign my bubba, now the weather is better i am loving it, that looks like a great walk, especially the up hill it sure to get those wobbly areas all toned up, which i really need.

  5. Perhaps you could add "Leap-frog" to your training regime... the sign would seem to encourage it ;)

  6. It wont be long and you will be thinking , I could just jog this little bit...


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