Saturday, 2 January 2010

Celebrations, I am one

It's my first anniversary today, yipeeee, I have been blogging for one year. When I started I intended to write every day, and I did for quite some time, but then I had a few mental blocks and missed an odd day here and there. When I look back over the earlier posts I cringe, some of them are a load of twaddle. Being a bit green I thought you had to post every day, a bit like a diary, but what about the days when you haven't done much to write about? Just pluck a filler out of the air, anything will do, just write?

Anyway I am going to try harder, don't want to bore the pants off you because you will buzz off somewhere else. If I find I haven't got anything to write about I am just going to get off my backside and do something so I have a story to tell you.

I know some of you like pictures so here are some of my walk today, I know, not another bloody walk, sorry, yes, I walk because it's free and it keeps me fit and the scenery is lovely. Wont you join me along the hills above the river.

The footpath behind the church brings you here, three minutes from my house. The River Trent which I walked along yesterday, and the frozen fishing pond behind the tree at the corner of the house.

Looking south along the river, the caravan park and the dock behind the tall trees.

Looking north along the river, towards Alkborough.

The trees near the pylons, the turn around place to come back.
I want to build up my stamina in preparation for some longer walks, and maybe some running as well. I would like to do the Great North Run in September, but it is quite complicated to apply for a place, and it costs £44 to enter. I think that is a bit much, they must be making a fortune out of the event. I will see what my friend says as she was going to do it with me. Something to think about, maybe I could make up my own 13 mile route round here, I don't like crowds anyway. Toodle pip, catch you later.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Lovely photos, it looks very cold and wintery, but so beautiful :)

  2. Lovely photos! the Trent, I know it a bit further away from where you are.

  3. I'm enjoying your photos too. It is so rare to see snow covered valleys in the UK at this time of the year isn't it. I must take some photos of where I live before the snow melts. I too used to try to blog everyday but don't seem to managed it these days...

  4. Having re-read all your 2009 posts over the weekend, I can guarantee they are completely twaddle-free! I've had an extremely busy spell at work lately, and am too tired for anything, so re-reading your blog has been just the thing I've needed, relaxing and inspiring at the same time.

  5. I really enjoyed the beginning of this life diary of your's. It showed your excitement and it was so refreshing to read. I liked the daily thoughts and so enjoyed the progression of 2009.


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