Friday, 29 January 2010

How much ! ! !

I was up a bit earlier this morning, with a plan to go walking, but one look out of the window put me right off, dull, overcast, and damp. I thought I would give it an hour to see if it brightened up. After breakfast it was still the same, so I thought it had better be plan B then, the bus to Hull, that's Kingston upon Hull if you're posh. At least I can walk around in the warm there, even though shopping centres are not my idea of fun.

Just as I set off, the sun came out, how can you ever make plans for anything with such fickle weather like this. It was flippin freezing cold, sunny one minute and a snowy blizzard the next. I had to tie my scarf over my head, caught sight of myself in a shop window, what an awful sight, just like Olive from On the Buses, ha ha.

I was looking for charity shops but only found three, and they were way too posh for me, so no bargains there then. The only way I could warm up was to walk around big shops. I thought about going in a coffee shop for a warm drink, but I just cant bring myself to pay their extortianate prices. I had a sandwich and a banana in my bag and ate those. Then I found myself looking for bargains in Tesco's. I thought I might get myself a little treat, something nice to eat. I bought a multipack 12 bags of crisps for 48p and a bottle of peach flavour water for 34p, and sat on the chairs behind the checkouts watching the world go by while I ate six of the bags of crisps and swigged from the bottle. Very ladylike I think not.

I thought, this is daft, I have some money in my purse, I could buy myself something, but what do I need. I wandered in and out of the shops in a daze. Every time I scanned across the shelves I thought that's nice, but I don't need it. I looked in Bodyshop I used to like their stuff. Oh look, Body Butter half price, only £6.50, still too much for me. I thought I might get myself some outdoor gear for my walking so I went into Blacks, the outdoor clothing specialist shop. I checked out the jackets and trousers and nearly fainted with shock, how much! Then suddenly I remembered, my jog bottoms are looking a bit scruffy, going baggy round the knees, stains on them, and a few holes. I'll get some new jog bottoms.

I went in and out of all the shops again, looking for the best prices. Eventually I found some, I actually spent six pounds on two pairs from Primark. Wow, that wasn't too difficult was it, maybe I could buy a body warmer as well, my old one has the pocket almost ripped off. I had a quick look for one but by that time I was really cold and couldn't be bothered any more. Maybe spending six pounds was enough for one day.


  1. I have the same problem Ilona. I've been living frugally for a while now and find it nigh on impossible to shop as i used to. Anything above a few pounds seems extortionate to me now. Am i turning into a skinflint? P.S you are soooo much more attractive than Olive! I think maybe you don't see what the rest of us see.

  2. I can't pay much for anything, I don't even look. If I am totally desperate I will look on the internet or ebay. I bought myself a brand new, never been worn, black and white wool coat from Per Una in Marks and Spencers for £24 including postage from ebay as I have to look smart at work and can't pay over a hundred pounds for a new coat. I buy undies from Primark when the old one have given up and most of my clothes are from charity shops - the local hospice shop is the cheapest - Oxfam too dear! I wnet mad and nearly spent £10 today and now I will have to cut back in other areas or I will be short at the end of the month.

  3. Hi Ilona

    First can I just say I love your blog, you have such a refreshing attitude to life and money. I veer between thinking 'oh that's a good money-saving tip' to laughing out loud at your comments.

    Do you ever get as far as Beverley? There are at least 6 charity shops on the high street there, I only know because my Mum moved near there last year (disabled, aged 69, decided it was her last chance to leave the city and live in the country so now lives in a caravan and has made friends and settled in a new area - reminds me of you a bit!). When I go down to see her we have a really good rummage through them and have got some excellent bargains.


  4. You actually sat on a chair in Tesco and ate 6 bags of crisps??? No way! LOL. Mind you saying that, I dod remember walking around our HUGE Tesco Extra and ate 6 bags of iced gems whilst shopping LOL. I remember Olive from On the buses, I agree, you are far too attractive to actually look like her, headscarf or not!!!

  5. Hi there
    I've just been blog hopping and found you and love your blog. It's so refreshing and your attitude to life and money is brilliant. We're living frugally and I'm just like you if I go to the shops, I just can't bring myself to spend money these days. Keep up the good work, I've joined your followers list, but don't worry I'm not the stalker type :)

  6. How lovely, my list keeps on going up, welcome Twiggy. Hi Julie, yes I went to Beverley a few weeks ago, on the bus pass, and browsed the charity shops. I was looking for roller blades, didn't find any. ha ha. No Butterfly, you are not a skinflint, just sensible. Sharon I don't get crisps very often because they are no good for you. The six bags I ate in one go only cost 24p, I only get Tesco multipack, they are so cheap.


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