Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The mystery cat

Last night I spent almost three hours standing, then sitting, at the top of my stairs looking down at the slightly open back door. I had to be very quiet and hidden, and not take my eyes off the door for a moment, because I was hoping to catch the pussy cat that has been coming into the house to steal food from the cats dishes in the living room. I know I could close the door to keep other non resident cats out, but this time I wanted the cat to come so I could see who the culprit was.

At 10pm I gave up and closed the door. For the previous two nights food has been eaten, and guess what, tonight food has gone again and I don't know who came in for it because I wasn't watching. Do I just close the door now and give up, or do I carry on watching?

The reason for my detective work? Mr Beasley, the big ginger puss has gone missing again. We found his owners for him when he was lost a few weeks ago, they came to pick him up. He was kept in for a couple of weeks so he would know where he lives, but then he went walkabout back to his old home. The owners found him and took him back for another spell of confinement. But the little ugger has scarpered yet again. I wonder if Mr Beasley is stealing our cat food?

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