Sunday, 14 February 2010

No smiles from Henry

I've been a bit tied up with Henry for a couple of days, another sleepover. He is a gorgeous fella. Although he was hard work a few months back, he appears to have passed his naughty stage, and is now just a bit cheeky. He has made me laugh this weekend with his antics. Lilly cat has has his face washed several times with Henry's big sloppy wet pink tongue. My dirty socks have been dragged out of the laundry bin and used as a play toy. The carpet has been pulled up at the top of the stairs. I was reading in bed last night and the big lump jumped up and trashed the covers, eventually settling down to sleep on my feet.

It's so funny when we are out walking, he stops dead when he sees someone, and just stares at them. We stood for ages on the street corner while he was people watching, I should have taken a fold up chair with me.
He went at 5pm today, and I felt a bit sad, never mind I shall be seeing him again no doubt. Trying to get a good photo of Henry is not easy. He will not smile for the camera.


  1. He has lovely shiny fur - what a lovely dog

  2. He is a sweetie! He looks so soft and velvety, and he is obviously very loved and well looked after.


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