Monday, 22 March 2010

Pussycat bag

I've been neglecting my craft work just lately, sorry to the people that look for my creations. I have just made this shopping bag which I am going to give to my friend Sue who has thirteen cats, I think she will like it. I thought I had used up all of the gazebo roof which I pulled out of a skip, but I found one last piece in my garage. A good scrub up with soapy water on the table in the garden, and it has come up like new.

The size is 13" tall, 11" wide, and 7" deep. I cut the cat shapes out of the vinyl from the Scrapstore and stitched them on by hand. I did try machining them on but it wouldn't feed the fabric through smoothly and the stitches kept getting smaller. I used blue embroidery thread to match the bag so it looks acceptable, in fact it gives it a home made look. Can't wait to give it to her, I am as excited about it as she hopefully will be.


  1. That is brilliant recycling, the bag is lovely. Well done.
    twiggy x

  2. Gazebo roof! That's brilliant! that'll last for years!!!

  3. I love this bag! I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with it.

  4. Fabulous bag!And another of your recycling projects looking very professionally made.
    Well done. I`m sure your friend will be thrilled with this present.

  5. I'm pleased to report that Sue loved the bag. It is exclusive, no one else has got one. That's unless I make another, ha ha.

  6. You are extremely talented and creative! Your projects look great!


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