Friday, 5 March 2010

A wonderful place

I hope this is not getting too boring for you, I was going to think of something else to write about, but.....I went for a walk instead :0) another five miles. Maybe I should give the camera a rest for a few days, but like walking, photography can be quite addictive. I thought it would be a good idea to take photographs which remind us of the wonderful place we live in.

I spotted these pretty catkins today. I am high up overlooking the River Trent at Alkborough, less than three miles from my house. This is one of my favourite walks.

Spring is definately coming. Mother nature is waking up the woodland plants and flowers once again. How sweet the snowdrops are, pushing their way up through the carpet of dry leaves.

I looked out of my window at about 6pm tonight and caught a glimpse of a lovely sunset, behind the houses across the road. I grabbed the camera and ran down the street to the back of the church, hoping I wasn't too late. Just a few minutes left before it disappeared over the horizon.
The blood red sky was reflected in the river below.

I couldn't walk away untill it had gone, it was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

Our church is floodlit, maybe worth trying to take a picture with my little point and shoot digital camera. I didn't expect it to turn out very well, but I am pleased with these two.

It's good to be alive. We are so lucky.


  1. we can all find beauty in our lives and you have loads

  2. I always feel exactly like you do at this time of year. It is so lovely to see all the spring flowers. Your pictures are beautiful - please keep taking them.

  3. Thankyou, thankyou for such wonderful pictures, and yes we are so lucky.
    Nature is all that really matters in life as without it we are nothing.
    It is much stronger than us and too few people take the time to stop and give thanks (to who or what you believe in) for the wonderful free things around.
    Yes, you are spot on when you say how lucky we are.
    Thank you Ilona for being so down to earth.
    Wonderful Blog and please don't think it is ever boring.

  4. Glad you like them. I keep looking at that bottom church picture, it's like a painting. I'm sure it would look fabulous blown up, printed, and put in a frame.

  5. stunning sunsets Ilona...truly beautitul:-)

  6. I love the picture with the grasses in front of the sunset...beautiful.


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