Saturday, 17 April 2010

If you don't ask......

I called in at Poundstretcher today just to see if they had any reduced price food. Didn't bother to look round the shop, didn't need anything else. In the past I have found out of date stuff which has been dead cheap. They had a few items in a basket. Packs of four tins of Branston spaghetti reduced from 99p to 49p, so I bought the four packs which were there. Sixteen tins of spaghetti for £1.96, and only just out of date.

Then I had a nosey on the biscuit shelves checking the sell by dates, and found some flapjacks dated 31st March. There was eight bars at 39p each. I took them to the checkout and said if you reduce these I will buy them. He said 19p each, I said done.

The moral of this story is check the dates in case the staff have missed some, and if you find any out of date ask them to reduce the price for you. If you don't ask you dont get. It pays to be vigilant and not miss an opportunity. I also noticed that the checkout lad gave me a foreign coin instead of a penny. I gave it him back.

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  1. Never even entered my mind before, to get further reductions in Poundstretcher. Well done, you.


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