Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tight fisted Morrisons

I am appalled by this letter I have received from Morrisons Supermarket Head Office, in reply to my letter of complaint. I bought a multipack (6 pack) of their own brand crisps, and found one bag had no crisps in it, just a sealed bag of air. I did ask for a refund for the missing crisps and my postage costs, and stated that I am a pensioner.

And this is all they have sent me, a letter of apology. I am disgusted, are they that mean they cannot send me a voucher for even £1 to spend in their shop!

They end the letter by saying, 'you can be assured of our best attention at all times'. Well they have failed miserably this time. Tesco would have refunded the whole cost of the crisps and postage, and would have probably doubled it as well.

I am so mad I am now going to write another letter telling them exactly what I think of their Customer Services. It will be worth the cost of another stamp. Excuse me while I blow a gasket, there is smoke coming out of my ears.

That's better, I have just written this letter to them, I'll get it in the post.

Must get off this computer, I have Henry choc lab here with me, wanting my attention.


  1. I buy crisps, as I'm sure you do, as the occasional treat. They are not cheap and they make one spud turn into a whole multi- pack of crisps. I have complained to Asda before and I got all my money back and an apology. Morrisons are stinkers! They should have refunded the multipack or sent you a money off voucher for next time!

  2. Bloggers are a bit dangerous to customer services aren't they?
    They will learn eventually. (You'd have to hope anyway.....)

  3. A wonderul bit if accidental irony.
    The letter that they sent in response to your complaint is as empty and and lacking in substance as the crisp bag that you had bought.

    C. Jones really should do better than this.

  4. Well done you Ilona for not just letting it go and getting back on their case. I should hope they'll be sending you lots of crisps and vouchers and refunding your postage costs - cheating skinflints!

  5. That's dreadful Ilona... they owe you the money for the bag of air that you bought thinking they were crisps... so... in fact they have stolen money from you and they don't even have the decency to give you back what they owe you. that is terrible customer service... I hope you get what they owe you this time.

  6. That's ridiculous and so short-sighted of Morrisons. Where's their public relations people? Yes, other supermarkets are waaay better. I've had apologies and vouchers from Asda before.
    I'm a journalist and you might want to get onto your local newspaper. I'm sure they'd be interested in the story and I bet you get a BIG apology and more from the store. Their main office will HATE the negative publicity.

    Milt's Muttie

  7. The big tight wads. Good for you writing back to them !!
    Twiggy x

  8. I have found that tesco's, sainsburys and asda are all very quick to refund and apologise in store if products are sub-standard.

    Stinky chicken (slightly green when sliced to make curry), full refund and another given to me for free.

    bread (white sliced warburtons loaf), got through 3 slices and then had black marks like it had be dropped on the floor and had grit in it), full refund

    childs tshirt, 1 wash and seams came undone. full refund and a voucher

    Morrisons always strikes me as if it is stuck in the 80's when I have been. and in a waitrose before there were 2 staff to each customer. when you see their prices you can see how they afford said staff.

    I will also say that over the past few years the staff in M&S have got worse and worse. they now must be the slowest staff in UK. I go there for clothes as I have always relied on them to last for yonks. this also is not the standard any more.

    if you get a response, can you put that up as well? I will be interested in what they say. As they say a person who has complained and has had a satisfactory answer, will be more loyal to a store than one who has had normal visits and service.

  9. Good for you! You need to stand up for your rights.
    Jille x

  10. Shame on Morrisons. Hope to read of a good outcome later on Ilona:)

  11. Well done for telling them their miserly aproach will be posted on your blog. I`d also get on to the local newspaper, give them a good story to post, as well!

  12. That's an appalling letter to receive and a totally disgusting level of customer care.

    They've actually contravened the Sale of Goods Act which states, quite plainly, that goods must be "as described" - if it said six packets of crisps and there were only five they are very much in the wrong.

  13. well said, doesn't surprise me though, as the staff on the checkouts are the same,

  14. i work for morrisons and think you should have taken the crisps back to your local store and spoke to the manager we would have refunded you and given you another pack,and maybe even a gift voucher and excuse me josie but my girls on my shift on the checkouts are very friendly and well aware of the need to give good customer service

    1. morrisons just dont have a clue how to treat the staff never mind customers

  15. we too have problems with Morrisons. Five times recently we been charged more at the till than stated on the shelf. I have pointed out in the stores that this is an criminal act, but althought apologetic they do not seem that bothered. I am still waiting for a responce from head office for two letters of complaint. Today we were stopped at the door because the alarm bleeped, we had paid for all the items. Yes they were apologetic, but it seems they can break the Law while security is so tight for us that we can be stopped when we have done nothing wrong! Vote with your feet......we have never had any problems at Lidl and now do most of our shopping there

  16. I have shopped at morrisons for many years.and have found a fair few mistakes in their pricing and charging, but today beats the lot. being a pensioner i always check out the reduced price trolley,morrisons fruited teacakes buy one get one free 69p reduced to 59p just in date,thought great for my tea,got to the checkout with all shopping &48 in total,
    glanced at the bill charged me 69p for one pack and 59p for the other pack,£1.18 in total to buy fresh would have been cheaper,checked with the manager at the morley store a lynn bradley, this was out you pensioners out there and warn any relative who are on a low income. check your receipts very carefully,it cost me 39p more than the shelf price.THANK YOU VERY MUCH MORRISONS

  17. myself and wife have stopped shopping at morrisons for along time now as the hygine standards at the scunthorpe store are disgusting,we saw chicken in a greasy paper bag on the same shelf amongst canned goods for 4 days should the replenishment team be given lessons aswell as manegement in basic hygine. also bakery staff not wearing hair nets ,smoking outside in uniform and not following hygine rules on return,sleeves up just to show of tatoos,and staff openly discussing who they are sleeping with (affairs) and how not to get caught . also we were discusted while waiting to buy a lottery ticket a young woman politly asked an assistant for service 3 times and the assistant whos name appeared to say wendy on the badge compleatly ignored her and walked away to have a private conversation with her friend .we left never to returnto a morrisons store again, shamefull behaviour by most staff ,rude ,misrable,scruffy,in store ratings i would not give it anything

  18. i e-mailed them a complaint and recieved the exact same reply as you with an exception,at the bottom of the reply i was offered a voucher for my trouble without having to make a fuss


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