Friday, 13 August 2010

Busy indoors

My goodness the weather has been awful today, non stop wind and rain, so I couldn't even get out into the garden. Never mind, I've been busy sewing while listening to the radio, and have made five more shopping bags.

You may remember I mentioned buying a pair of curtains from a charity shop, well I decided I have enough curtains so I have cut them up. I got six bags out of them but only five pictures here because I donated the first bag for a raffle prize.

The fabric is really strong as it's lined with some kind of blackout material. I started by cutting off the top and bottom hems, and making the handles from those pieces. Each curtain was then folded in half and cut into three pieces. Every bit was used. I have gone for a simple decoration by sewing a band of contrasting fabric across the middle. Very quick and easy. They are too nice for throwing shopping in and out of the car.

A good result Mr Wainwright, I think. My plan for tomorrow? To join the Ranger Led Ramble, 13 miles around the Barton area, that's if it isn't chucking it down, I hope not, I really want to get out and walk.


  1. I dunno how open to suggestions you are Ilona, but have you ever thought of making a few bags with shoulder straps?

  2. Always open to suggestions Jane, I have made shoulder bags and I use them myself, as I prefer them. However I am not a fan of hauling large bags of stuff about, so the shoulder bags tend to be much smaller than these large shopping bags.

  3. Oh my gosh, the bag lady struck again!
    Perfectly fabulous bags produced, again.
    No faffing with that!

  4. Ooo nice bags! Thrift, thrifty - thats what we like here!
    Well done!

    Vicky x

  5. Hi Ilona... what is it that is embroidered on the top of some of the bags? It looks like writing but I cant read it. The bags look great, as always! oooh and I think you may wish to delete the comment in Japanese (or Chinese) I get a lot of these on my Victorian blog - they include links to 'dodgy' sites. :-)

  6. Hi Billie Jane. That little bit of embroidery is my name, just five letters, ilona. I keep getting those funny comments, must delete one nearly every day.

  7. Forgot to say, if you click twice on the pictures you can read the name.


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