Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cat out of the bag

I've just knocked this bag up for Sue, copying the cat shape on her teeshirt that she bought yesterday. I'm not entirely happy with it, a bit of an experiment really, but I'm sure she won't mind that it's not perfect.

I used an old sweatshirt that was given to me, it's dark green though the picture doesn't show the true colour. Because it looked a bit worn on the outside I turned it inside out, so the fabric has more of a wooly look than a smooth finish.

I was going to machine stitch the cat on, but decided to hand stitch because it needed to be hemmed so the edges wouldn't fray. I need a bit more practice at sewing around corners with the machine. In fact I might revert to the hand machine if I need to do any precise neat sewing. A bit of bad measuring as well, the stitching across the top goes right over the cat's head, I should have cut the excess off before turning it under. The bag itself is not big enough either, the sweat shirt had a logo embroidered on it which went right through to both sides, so I had to avoid that, limiting the size. It is 13" x 18.5", ok for a small shopping bag.

Oh well, you learn all the time, I can't always get things right. I need to get the Dyson out now, as this bag comes with real cat hairs ha ha, my goodness, it's about time I cleaned up.


  1. I think it looks wonderful!!

  2. My mum went to a talk you did an W.I Gunness, she told me I'd love the stuff you do. Needless to say she was right. This is gorgeous, I might make one up for my daughter who loves cats, or meow's as she calls them.


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