Saturday, 7 August 2010

The NHS are in the dark

I imagine most people get a bit fed up of junk mail arriving on their doorstep, but as it seems to keep the posties in a job, I put up with it. Not very good for the planet, I know, but I send it off for recycling. It gets a bit much though when the junk mail comes from the NHS.

A few months ago I had a private and confidential letter from them telling me about a new development which will affect the way my records are managed. If I agree to share my health records and information it will ensure the right people have the right information about me at the right time. Fair enough I thought, anything which helps the staff to look after me has got to be a good thing. So I agreed.

Then a few weeks later I had a letter inviting me to go for a cervical smear, something I have been doing for a few years now. Nice of them to remind me, but hang on a minute, do I really need one now, after all I had a hystericalrectomy ;o) in 2008. I took the letter to my doctor and told the receptionist that I have had all my bits removed, I haven't got a cervix. She checked my records on the computer and said, no you don't need one, I will inform the department which sent the letter. Fair enough, these things take time to filter through, maybe it's a machine that sends the letters out.

Blow me, I got another letter a few weeks later, saying I did not respond to the first one. Another visit to the surgery, good job it is only across the road. Apologies from the receptionist, she will tell them again and I shouldn't hear any more. So much for sharing records then!

Bugger me, I got another letter yesterday telling me it is not wise to miss having a test, as they don't recall you after you are 65, and this would be my last chance. Another walk across to the surgery, I felt like screaming at the receptionist. 'For goodness sake, I haven't got a cervix, or a womb, or fallopian tubes, or ovaries, I have got no bits, zilch, all gone, empty container, the rest of my insides are rattling round in a big empty space where my reproductive system once was, but is no longer there. Will somebody please put this on my records in block capitals, and will somebody please read it before they send me another letter.'

Maybe I should have made the appointment for the test, gone along with the procedure, and when the nurse starts peering into her instrument, I could have said, 'bit dark in there is it?' Ha ha.


  1. I hear you Ilona, I received 3 letters in the space of 3 weeks about the same thing. I emailed and explained, I will make an appointment after the Summer hols as I don't think it would be a good idea to bring my 5 year old son with me, still the letters come - argh!!!
    Twiggy x

  2. Also had one of those letters, and the type of letter to agree to their info. sharing.
    I still have to have my smear test, but have put it off till now. Maybe I should make the appointment, just to satisfy their little computer system, and also to get a few hours off from work. Can`t say I enjoy these tests much. The last one I had needed to be repeated a few times as results came back inconclusive.

  3. I too have had these letters even though I had a hysterectomy in 2003!! I informed my GP too and after one more arriving, they then stopped. I ha to laugh at your post though, especially about the bit that said it being dark in there hahahahaha.

  4. Your little joke did make me laugh! I know these systems are meant to be helpful but they don't ever seem to work out that way in my experience. I expect you will get repeat letters for a while! We've been getting letters saying we are not eligible for child benefit - our youngest are now 21 and 22 and the letters still keep coming. If David Cameron wants to save money he could stop the sending of useless wasteful letters like that! lol!

  5. well, things have been a bit 'dark' for me details, you don't want to know! your posts..not just this one are restoring me to my former (reasonably content) self. this made me snort with laughter..thanks ilona.


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