Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hooray for the one man band

I've had a confusing letter from The National Blood Service. I expected the 'thank you but goodbye', letter, but what does this mean?

'The test done at the session indicated that you might have had a low haemoglobin level'. Strange, I was told I did have a low haemoglobin level.

'After reviewing your results I am pleased to report that your haemoglobin level is normal'. Well that's alright then.


'Your haemoglobin, on the day of the session, was in the normal range but just below the level for giving a donation. As you know, we must allow a safety margin to ensure that the haemoglobin level does not drop below after normal'. Ok I understand that.

'Our records show that this has happened a few times. With this in mind, we think it best to stop calling you to the donor sessions, at least for the time being. We could review this after a year or so, and please let us know if you would like to start receiving session invitation letters again'. Oh, so does that mean I can't donate now, or I can donate when I feel like it, or should I just receive the letters then think about it, or will they tell me if they run short and my donation will be welcomed? Or maybe in a year they will change the goal posts and I will once again be able to donate? I will wait and see what happens.

Today I took my car into my one man band mechanical repair man who works on his own, so he could take it for it's MOT and put right anything that needed doing. I left it with him and as it was a nice day I walked nine miles back home. Here are a few photo's I took along the way.

I love these shiny pipework factory thingys, when the sun shines on the stainless steel and it all looks sparkling new. The yellow bits add a bit of interest. Fascinating to look at, I often wonder what is whizzing through all those pipes. This is a BOC plant, doesn't it look pretty?

Oh dear, someone has chucked their Valentine card in the hedge bottom. Never mind, it is October and anything could have happened in the last eight months. I wonder if they are still together. Don't tell Colin's wife that he has dumped her card.

We have a lot of these 'To Die For', signs up all over the place, warning motorcyclists not to ride too fast. I wonder what smashed into this one.

Beautiful golden autum colours.

This tractor driver stopped to have a chat with me when he saw me taking his photo, couldn't stop long though, he was in a rush. Pity ;o)

Mandy, my car repair man's wife came to pick me up later to collect my car. I was very pleased with the bill. I knew two link rods were needed on the front, because Hartwell Ford (the big garage) had told me about it, they were hoping to get the job of replacing them. In fact they quoted me a price of £70.50 each.
So what did Simon charge me? Two link rods for £24.16. The whole bill was £104 76 including MOT and labour and vat. He doesn't do MOT's so he had to take it to the test station. My goodness, there's one heck of a difference in price there. Just goes to show, find a man who knows his stuff with cars, who works by himself with low overheads, and stick with him.

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  1. That's a good deal for an MOT by any reckoning.
    I bet mine won't be half as palateable when I take "The Tractor" in next month.


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