Monday, 20 December 2010

Is it cold? Not if you go for a brisk walk.

No dog this morning but I still went out for a walk. We haven't had any more snow here but there is still some hanging around from about a week ago, only now it is frozen and crispy. We woke up to a very hard frost which had coated everything in white icing sugar. Set against a beautiful blue sky there were some great photo opportunities. Sorry if you are sick of seeing our wintery weather, but everything is looking so beautiful, I couldn't resist a few more pics.

Tree near the bottom pub.

Looking towards the River Trent and beyond.

A weeping willow tree in the garden of the bottom pub, next to the river.

By the waters edge.

At the allotments, even the wire fencing is covered in frost

The fishing pond is frozen solid, no sign of any ducks or swans, I hope they come back when it gets warmer.

Starting to climb up the bank towards the village. This tree was blown over about a year ago blocking the footpath. Someone cut it up with a chainsaw.

Aren't they pretty, our countryside is beautiful.
And last but not least, the trees at the bottom of my garden.


  1. I never tire of snowy trees against a blue sky. Beautiful photos.

  2. You have such a wonderful eye for pictures of nature. I could look at your photos for hours :)

  3. What super pictures, well done!

    I agree with your comment about getting out for a walk in the cold, there's nothing quite like it.

    I feel another walk coming on....but it will have to wait until my decorating is done - I'm working to a deadline!


  4. Wonderful photos,love seeing all the snow,i have never seen it in real life,hope you are keeping warm,xx

  5. Those teasels look splendid. You could print your own Christmas cards and sell them - I'd buy them!
    Merry Christmas to you, and a healthy, relatively wealthy and peaceful New Year :O)

  6. Fantastic photos. Could you send us some blue sky and sunshine, please?

  7. You're right there Ilona. When I come in from dog walking I am roasting. Being of a certain age, my thermostat has "gone" and I have to strip off to cool down LOL After closing the curtains you understand :-D
    Lovely photos, I particularly liked the wire mesh.


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