Friday, 3 December 2010

Life would be awful without trees

Oh dear, it has snowed overnight and my psychedelic snow is a little bit faded. Never mind.

I took these photo's yesterday in the glorious sunshine, the sky really was that blue, unlike today which is grey and overcast. They were all taken in my village, we have a lot of posh houses and people who take great pride in their gardens. Even though it is quite difficult to walk in some places, it is well worth the effort to get off your bum and go out in it. I hope you like them.

Today I have two black labradors to walk, Ollie and Alfie. They live round the corner and their owner is working a double shift, so I will take them out three or four times. I left them listening to the news on the radio when I took them back this morning, I think they like that better than pop music. They look intelligent dogs ;o)
PS. Note added at 3pm. The coloured snow has come back, because the top layer of snow has melted, revealing the paint below it. It looks lovely again :o)


  1. what lovely scenes. We have neither snow nor blue skies here today, just damp. What the Scots would call "dricht" although it is a tropical 4'C LOL
    Yes, I'm sure Labradors would choose radio 4 :D

  2. We had this type of day yesterday, too. Very fine ice flakes were floating through the air and the sky was truely amazingly blue, just like on your pictures. Sadly, last night the rain set in and washed our winter wonderland away.


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