Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Making the most of the snow

This blog is going to become very boring if all I have to talk about is the weather. I try and add a bit of variety to it, but as the weather is stopping me from leading my normally exciting life, I'm afraid you are going to get more snowy tales.

I awoke at 4.30 am this morning and the snow was coming down. This is Cara trying to dig Roy's car out, picture taken from my bedroom window at 8.30am. As you can see it is blowing a blizzard, and she gave up. Carl who lives next door to Cara, on the right, did manage to get his car out, it took him an hour though.

Antonio next door to me, rolled his car a few feet towards the road, and gave up. You can see the front of it behind my bush, which has by now grown an extra two feet with all the snow on it. The people over the road did not bother to try and move their cars.

At 10am the snow had stopped and the sun came out so I thought I would go out to play. The BMW is going no where, thank goodness I dug it out yesterday and did my shopping.

It's turning into a beautiful crisp morning, no point in sitting around and moaning about it, lets get out and take some snowy pictures. Of course I always head for the back gate of the churchyard.

A few snaps in the church yard.

I love the way the snow has stuck to this grave stone and blown through the cut out shapes.

I have chopped the trunk off this tree, because the top is a lot more interesting. There is an avenue of these, they are pruned right back every two years then the short spikey branches emerge from the tunks, and bush out with leaves in the spring.

Leaving the churchyard, I took the narrow path at the back to take me onto the hills.

This fence is the boundary of someone's back garden. There are a few posh houses on the side of the hill which have stunning views over the River Trent

Another back fence, showing the path on the right.

Walking along the hills, there are some houses on the estate which have a back gate onto the hills, this is where my friend Karen lives.

If you peek through the trees you can catch a glimpse of the river in the distance.

These are the steps down into the woods, I turned round and took a picture looking back up.

The wood was unbelieveably beautiful, and quiet, hardly a whisper to be heard. The only sound was the snow crunching beneath my boots. It was like a magical winter wonderland. I noticed that one other person had gone before me, probably one man and his dog, going by the little yellow stains in the snow.

This is what our English seasons are all about. I can come down here in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, and see something beautiful every time.

I felt very emotional, and very priviledged to be able to see it and touch it, experiencing nature in all it's beauty.

I walked down to the bottom through the woods, and back up the hill on the road. No one had been able to get out of their houses to go to work, but it didn't seem to matter. I passed people chatting, helping each other to dig their cars out, kids playing, families building snowmen, and people walking up and down to and from the shop in the High Street. No one will be able to get out untill the gritter comes, and that may take ages. There are no buses, so some people are completely stranded. I am lucky, I live on the top of the hill, so when the buses start running I can get to town.

Fancy a picnic in the pub garden, ha ha, no I didn't think you would.

Or a rest on the park bench, think I'll give that a miss as well.

I'm off home, it's lunch time. Maybe I'll clear the snow off the drive, again. Have you been out in the snow today, try it, it's lovely.


  1. Your blog has not become boring! I loved sharing your walk. I had a day off work today due to the weather but have had such a busy day at home I didn't manage to get out in it. I'm hoping for another day off tomorrow so that I can go for a bit of a play in the snow before it disappears, as like you I love to experience our seasons and admire the beauty that surrounds us everyday!

  2. We had a lovely walk in the snow too yesterday. It is beautiful isn't it? I do feel for folks that have to get out and about in it and are struggling but it's so pretty. Great photos.
    twiggy x

  3. No boredom here, just admiration for those fantastic pictures you took. I love the scene with the church!! That`s so picture book perfect! Winter can be sooo beautiful in the sunlight!

  4. Now, you know we haven't got any snow to walk out in :0)
    Thanks for sharing yours though.
    That church picture looking up through the snowy yew tree is stunning! :0)
    Take care,

  5. Be careful in the bimmer - they are useless in the snow these rwd cars. traded mine in after the snow last year.

  6. Oh I love the snow posts. The photos are absolutely fantastic, just so beautiful. It was hard to pick a favourite photo, I finally decided on the red berries on the tree with the Church in the background, just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your wonderful walk Ilona. Stay safe and above all warm:) Linda xxx


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