Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My non Christmas shopping

I have just got back from my weekly shop and the supermarket was heaving. I say weekly shop because it wasn't a Christmas shop, I have no wish to join the frenzy and strip the shelves bare of all things Christmas. I just want my normal bits and bobs thank you very much.
Fresh veg is the main thing I went for, my body craves vegetables. I was shocked at how much some of the prices have shot up, the bad weather has probably got something to do with that. I looked for potatoes, I can usually get a big bag for around £1, but the cheaper varieties were in bigger bags and more expensive, so I went for four jacket potatoes for 70p. I don't need onions or carrots because I have some, so I got Value parsnips for 80p, and Value broccoli for 55p. When you choose broccoli you must pick the one with the shortest stubbiest stalk, bypass the ones that are all stalk. The cauliflowers were an astronomical price, not this week then. Instead I chose a little treat, a butternut squash for 77p, and a celeriac for 99p, pushing the boat out eh!
Iceberg lettuce was £1, that's too much, so I got a round lettuce for 57p. I never buy fresh tomatoes in the winter, anything other than British tomatoes are tasteless. Bags of sprouts were a bit expensive, so I put a few loose ones in a bag which weighed in at 60p. So that was my lot at the veg counter.
I got my usual Value bran flakes at 77p, in my opinion just as good as the branded Kellogs. I thought I might have a change of fruit juice, I usually buy the Value cartons of orange or apple at 62p. But looking at the others on offer, they cost so much more, I just couldn't bring myself to pay the extra price, so I went for the usual.
I checked the reduced bread section but I couldn't see any wonderful savings, I was a bit too early for the final reductions. I have bread in the freezer so that will last me. I did however get a packet of reduced wraps, I haven't had these before so that will make a change.
Whiskas dry cat food is on special offer so I got a couple of boxes for £4, and I also found some reduced turkey fillets for the cats for 89p. They will love them for a treat. A bag of cat litter found it's way into the trolley as well, not as cheap as Morrisons but I can't be bothered to drive to the other end of town to get some.
The most expensive item in my trolley was the jar of Marmite at £2.72. I love this but I don't get it very often as it is too dear. I view this as a treat, and it's time I had some.
I am coming to the end of my free sachets of face cream, given to me ages ago by my friend, so I need to buy a jar now. After studying the skin care section I picked out a little pot of Vitamine night cream for 72p.
I also decided to get some bath foam. I have been using up all the oddments of hair conditioner in the bath, it works a treat and makes the water soft. I wouldn't normally buy bath foam, but after looking on the baby section I found just the thing. Tesco Baby Bath for 13p. While I was there I thought I might as well have the Baby Lotion also for 13p, and the Baby Shampoo for 20p. Oh look, there is some Johnsons baby moisturising cream for 94p. So that's my toiletries sorted out for the next year.

So for £28.85, I got my weekly shop, it may even be enough to take me into the new year. It gets harder all the time to get the best bargains, but it's a job that has to be done. It is so ingrained in me now to study prices, I can't bring myself to pick things up willy nilly. Every item in my trolley has to be the very best that I can get for the least amount of money. It's as simple as that. I have no Christmas food at all because I don't want any. The only treats I have is a bottle of wine, and a small festive fruity spiced cake for 75p. That will do me just fine.


  1. I think the veg is getting more expensive as this big freeze continues. The normally priced veg has gone up because our farmers have not been able to harvest the carrots and sprouts that we would expect on our supermarket shelves by now. Carrots that would have been harvested at the beginning of December have frozen in the ground and are now unusable. I`ve seen a report on TV tonight about that. Prices are going up as the deliveries to the supermarkets have gone down.

  2. I nearly fell over at the price of veg! I have used the Tesco value baby stuff for ages and it's great. The vitamin e toiletries have been cheap for a while and i have those too. I've given the 72p night cream to family members as Christmas presents and I swear it's the best moisturiser I've bought in years

  3. I get a lot of my veg and meat from the farm shop and I have to say it is better value than the supermarket. Last year we bought a whole lamb for £80 - we're still using the joints now from the freezer. When you think how much lamb is in the supermarket that's a huge saving! Not to mention the fact that it's flown in from New Zealand!

  4. It doesn't sound like much for a week, Ilona,but I suppose if you bulk it out with rice and pasta you will get many substantial and healthy meals. I am doing the same thing, I don't buy meat, very rarely buy fish because it's so expensive and basically live on veg and pasta and a bit of fruit. But because I don't eat a very wide variety of foods, I do take vitamins and have just bought a 3 month supply of multivitamins and minerals from Tesco just to make sure I get enough.

  5. Anna, I used to take vitamins because I thought I wasn't getting enough, then I stopped. I haven't noticed any difference in my health, I am still as active as ever. I try and eat a balanced diet and try new foods when they are reduced in price. Variety is the key I think, without the meat of course.

    For those who do eat meat, like Lavender hearts, I think it is better to pay a little bit more and buy good quality meat, but don't eat it so often. Have meat free days to balance your diet.

  6. Hope you have a happy Christmas. I think you will like the Tesco value cat litter. It seems a bit lighter than the Morrisons one and I find it lasts longer.

  7. How sensible you are, I cannot understand why people go so mad, we have just returned from the supermarket, all we wanted was dog food for the fox and some more for the kitties. It was bedlam...... after all there is only so much one can eat isn't there? and a lot of the shops are open on Boxing day.
    Enjoy the peace and quiet that Christmas day brings, it is usually like it used to be on Sundays in days of yore. lol.

  8. Crafty cat corner, you are very right. Ilona is an inspiration to many of us to live more sensibly and not to excess.

    At the supermarket today people were stocking up as if they were preparing for the Siege of Leningrad! Every year it's the same: frenzy, panic and stress. Your use of 'bedlam' is totally apt.

  9. Merry Christmas to you and the mogs. We are off to collect one last present, both sons are working today, then we all can relax for a few days and enjoy the wonderful weather.

  10. Thanks for your comment earlier! We made it home without any traffic problems, and strangely, the supermarket was pretty quiet too!! We just needed a few esentials, nothing extravagant (excepy my half price tin or chocs) and I was really dreading the supermarket trip so close to christmas, but it seems people have either seen sense and are not out spending ridiculous sums on money on one day. That or it will be bedlam tomorrow!

    Wishing you a happy christmas and a wonderful weekend too.



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