Friday, 21 January 2011


I've had a letter from Anne Diamond today, the nice lady off the tele, you know who I mean, wasn't she hosting a morning programme with Nick what's his name. Didn't she used to be a bit chubby and didn't she have a gastric band fitted, yes that's the one!

Well our Annie has been flogging off her gold jewellery, and she was absolutely delighted that she got a good price, and a safe and speedy service from a superdooper company in Bournemouth. She was so chuffed that she has written to me with all the details, so that I might avail myself of their services. She has even sent me a padded envelope which I can use to post off my gold bits and pieces, how kind. I have to enter my bank details on the form, and the cash will amazingly appear in my account the following day.

Now where did I put that wedding ring that my fella bought me in 1971 when we were living together, drat, I think I chucked it away when I chucked him. Oh well, nothing to sell then ;o(
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
A lovely day so I walked to town, a slightly longer route than normal, 6.4 miles. My bags go on display starting tomorrow, at the Arts Centre, so I thought they would be setting the exhibition up today.

I took the path along the bottom of the wood to Flixborough, to see what kind of a mess they were making with the logging. It is sad to see so many trees cut down.

On Monday I took a photo of the logs at the top of the wood on the roadside, here is an even bigger pile at the bottom.

And the path is filthy, covered in mud. This used to be a lovely place to walk, I am very sad, they have ruined it :o(

When I got to the Arts Centre I found that they are not setting it up untill tomorrow morning. They haven't had all the bags in yet, and are waiting for them to come in the post. They will add them to the display when they arrive. Oh well, I got the excercise from the walk, and took the bus back. It was full of chattering students from the college, sorry, not chattering, more like screaming, yelling, mucking about students. Did I used to be like that? Yes, I think so, ha ha.
I took a pic of my dinner tonight, in the pan ready for steaming. The sprouts are at the bottom, my favourite dinner. I whizzed up the spinach with the blender, in a jug so it wouldn't splash everywhere. To this I added some plain yogurt, ground pepper, lemon juice, a drop of oil, and some garlic granules, and dolloped it all over the veg, when it was on the plate of course. Deeeeelishus


  1. now THAT looks great - fresh and tasty - fantastic dressing.
    I am going to make the exact same thing this weekend. I make my own yoghurt - unless you get it reduced in price it is a lot cheaper and tastes fantastic.

  2. The wood which is being harvested will come back to life with the spring Ilona - and maybe there will be bluebells, foxgloves, and ragged growing in the new light amongst the remaining trees. It will look crap for a while, but trees are after all just another crop and the new growth will encourage all sorts of plant and animal life to return there :O)

  3. Wot, no rice? You eat just steamed vegetables for dinner? Very healthy and delicious especially with the added spinach sauce but I would need some rice or pasta with that to keep me satisfied for longer. Especially in the winter.

  4. No wonder you are lovely and slim Ilona!
    What do you make of that jewellry thing then? sounds a bit dodgy if you have to give your bank details to a totally unknown company. I wonder what Martin Lewis has to say about that?

  5. I got a letter from Anne too... and a padded envelope for my gold. I was not as gracious as you about it though... fancy just assuming that I have gold to sell! B*&$$+£ Cheek!

  6. I`m surprised this bogus company gets away with using someone`s name. I shouldn`t be surprised if they get taken to court for that, eventually. Maybe, someone will allert Anne Diamond to this scam.

  7. The padded envelope scheme has the strong aroma of phishing scam.
    Not only would they get your gold, but you'd have sent them your bank details, which can be worth an awful lot more than a couple of gold rings and a necklace.

    The safest thing to do with such a doubtful item is bin it. Alternatively, send it to "Trading Standards" and let them sort the buggers out.

  8. I often eat just steamed vegetables for dinner, Anna, it is enough for me. Sometimes I might put a sprinkling of grated cheese on it, or toasted sesame seed oil, or some reduced price dips from the chiller at Tesco. Alternatively I might have a couple of veggie sausages, or a veggie burger. yes, I think it keeps me slim, Kath.

    Thank you Jane, I hope they have left enough wild garlic in the wood so that it comes back in the spring.

    Sarina, I suspect Anne Diamond has sold her name to this company, celebrities often do this to earn an extra few bob. It could be a scam I suppose, if it is Anne would be able to sue them. Still a big risk whichever way you look at it. Giving your bank details out willy nilly not knowing who might get hold of them, is surely madness. The trouble is vulnerable people who are desperate for money might very well fall for it. Anything I get in the post which looks suspicious goes straight in the bin here.

  9. A nice little padded envelope to send them some leftovers - if you had any.


  10. I would also be happy with steamed vegetables. I've seen the M&S ad for "Feel FULLER For Longer" food. Now I wouldn't want to feel FULL at all, I would feel to uncomfortable. Why are they always talking about wanting to feel full?

  11. Brian, why didn't you mention that sooner, I have destroyed the envelope and bag, bugger, that would have been a good laugh.

    I know what you mean, Anne Marie, full = bloated, tired, and feeling sick. If you have big meals, your stomach expands to accommodate them, then you need more and more food to satisfy the inevitable hunger pangs. Little and often, and food that goes through quickly, is best for me.

  12. Those that do have gold and need some money are better off going to their local jeweller. My OH and I took some broken bits and bobs last year and got over £100.

  13. Good advice there, Justine, makes sense to me. We keep getting those dubious individuals that stick posters up everywhere inviting folks to come to the village hall to offload their unwanted family heirlooms. Here today and gone tomorrow sort of people, wouldn't trust them with a barge pole. Gold is in big demand at the moment, anyone wanting to dispose of some would be advised to shop around to get the best price.


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