Sunday, 23 January 2011

No gold, but I'm sure Anne will like this

Brian, you're a star. You're on the ball, where as I can be a little slow on the uptake. I found the Royal Mail envelope to post the gold, it was the padded inner one that went on the bonfire. So I have prepared a nice little package for Anne, explaining that due to my lack of requested metals, I am sending the next best thing.

A few pieces of rock hard bread, well past it's best, a few pieces of red cabbage out of the salad bag, two sprouts, and a carrot top. I'm sure she can rustle up a tasty bite to eat with that, ha ha.

Bye the way, welcome to Skint Me, pleased to meet you, glad you are following my blog.


  1. Mr Lovelygrey likes this. He's suggested that rabbit droppings might have been a suitable addition to the pack!

  2. hee hee Nice one Ilona :-D

  3. Well done! Recycling with a vengeance, you could say.


  4. You have to write your name and address on the envelope, so I put Gordon Farquhar, and made up a ficticious address. Wish I could be there to see them open it, ha ha.

  5. Gordon Farquhar won't be pleased when they sue him for everything he's got. There's only one person of that name listed in the UK electoral rolls, they are bound to find him. It would have been better to put David Cameron instead with the correct address of course. :-\

  6. On second thoughts, Ilona, it may have been better to put your own name and real address on the packet. They would have felt so sorry (maybe even heartbroken) for you seeing how little you had left to eat and the state of it, and may even have sent you a fifty quid note and some luncheon vouchers! Boy, you missed out there! :-)


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