Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside......

What a nice surprise when I switched on tonight, lots of funny comments from you all. Keep it up, life's too short to be miserable. Today I had a spin in the new motor. It's hard to get motivated at 7am on a freezing cold January morning, it must be flippin awfull to have to get up early for work every morning. The East Yorkshire Walkers were meeting for a 16 mile walk at Aldbrough, on the coast, the other side of Hull, and I thought I would join them.

That was the plan anyway, but I hadn't given myself enough time to get there, I forgot about the horrendous traffic jams at peak times through Hull. So I was 20 mins late and they had gone. Never mind, I'm out for the day now, it will have to be plan B. My last visit to Spurn Point was on May 8th 2009, so I was due for another. Spurn is that bit of land that juts out into the sea, with the River Humber on the one side, and the North Sea on the other. A long thin peninsula, you can read the first post for all the details if you like. Just look for the date in the 'walk' label, on the side bar. Sorry I don't know how to do a link.

I stopped for half an hour at Withernsea, for a little bimble around. A root through the one charity shop and a big second hand shop, I bought some beads for £1. This is the lighthouse, I am not sure why it is in the middle of a row of houses, not much good for warning ships. It's a museum now.

This gateway looks very splendid, but it doesn't go anywhere, the beach and sea is just beyond the steps.

And here is the view of the beach, looking along the promenade. Not many people out, it's sunny but a bit chilly.

I parked at Kilnsea, and set off walking to Spurn Point. Last time I drove down to the end, but this time I am going to walk the four miles each way. Here are a few beach pictures.

Nobody about, I have got the place to myself. A spot of beach combing but nothing exciting to pick up......

Except maybe a three legged chair :o)

The pier where they launch the coastguard boats.

This is the main shipping chanel to Hull Docks, give them a wave. Eating my sandwiches as the boats pass by.

The sun is quite low now and I'm on my way back.

At one point this narrow strip of land widens out into a field for a short distance. I've never seen all black sheep with only one white sheep before.

The tide has come in now and I'm almost back to the car. I love the way the sea comes crashing down on the rocks.

I feel much better now I have blown a few cobwebs off, that's got rid of the winter blues. I've had a lovely time by the sea.


  1. What a wonderful day out! Great pictures of the wild, grey North Sea. I had a few hours down on the coast yesterday and it was a real tonic. I love being by the water.

  2. Oh, thank you for the trip to the beach! I needed a change of scenery very much. You're a dear! ~Liz

  3. Hopefully my winter blues will be all gone after the weekend too!

    You're right, it is flippin awful to have to get up early for work everyday (especially when it's still dark)! Oh, how I wish I was a morning person.

    Looks like you had lovely weather up there... there was a pile of clouds and fog over me all day, with just that brief break for a little sun.

  4. What a lovely day trip:) I love how you spot so many interesting things as you are walking along. How cute was the lone white sheep amongst the black sheep♥

  5. You have some beautiful pictures today. Sounds like you had a great day out in the fresh air.

  6. Great pics Ilona - I especially loved 'Spurn'.

  7. Hmm, I feel a trip to the seaside beckoning!

    Excellent photos Ilona, well done.


  8. Hi Louise, Winter blues can be a bit overwhelming, I have my off days when I can't be bothered to go out of the house, but thankfully they are few. There is nothing we can do to change the weather, so my attitude is that you learn to live with it. I dress accordingly, wrap up, and don't let it beat me. My body needs excercise, it makes me happy. Go to the seaside John J, have a great time.

  9. Well that one is added to our 'must do' list for this year. We nearly moved to east Yorks a few years ago, and have visited many times but never got around to walking to Spurn Point. Thank you for the reminder Ilona and the great photos too. Also looking forward to the best fish n chips in the world from Hull :-))

  10. I love the beach when there are not many people about. It was one of the things we were looking forward to, moving here, we are only 14 miles fromt the sea. When we visit, the car park is £3. You would be proud of me, we found somewhere further away, which is free, we just walk a bit further.

  11. You can't beat a stroll along the sea shore, listening to the roar of the sea crashing on the rocks, can you Kath, and all the better for being the only one around. Yes I'm proud of you for finding free parking, makes sense to me.

  12. I love the picture of the groins with the fishing net hung on it. have you though of selling some of your pictures. if you changed that to black and white I would love to buy a print of it.

    I grew up by the sea and miss it terribly.

  13. Ilona my 20 year old son has just been browsing through your photos, these above and some others and he says they are "Well Good" and asked if you were a professional photographer.... a new way to earn money maybe???

  14. I am pleased you like my photo's, Slice of life, and Kate G's son. I do enjoy taking them, and they are certainly better than some I have seen. I particularly liked the frosty trees. Wouldn't know where to start selling them though. Perhaps I should enter some in competitions.

  15. What a lovely walk with great views, I shall have to remember that one.


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