Monday, 24 January 2011

Pay attention you lot

Right, now you are sitting comfortably I'll begin. Pay attention, these are the rules. Glad to see you have brushed your teeth this morning Ollie.

We are going to walk up this path, and I don't want any paddling in the mud, have you got that. Alfie, you are not listening, face forward please. There will be no digging in rabbit holes, and if you do a poo please wait by it untill I come and pick it up. Don't just run away because then I won't be able to find it.

This morning we have a new friend joining us, welcome Henry, and don't sniff round Alfies behind too much, he doesn't like it, he can get a bit grouchy. If we are all ready we'll get off. There will be a break for treats in 20 minutes, and if I call you back I want you to return to my side immediately, not when you feel like it. Have you got that?

Oh God, doesn't he faff, it will be lunchtime before we get going on this walk. I'm getting fed up of waiting, yawn.

OK boss, I've got it, now can we go?

Ha ha, what a palaver. Last one into the ditch is a sissy!

Come on chaps, I'm ready for a cuppa, get a move on. Ollie will you stop jumping on Alfie, one of these days he's going to get really annoyed and give you such a nasty bite, don't come crying to me about it.

Oh I give up, total hooligans, never do anything you tell them !


  1. They are great. Nothing like a lab.

  2. Very, very cute, the dogs I mean........................

  3. You are a hoot, Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Joyce Grenville eat your heart out.......

  5. Did they ever do as they were told Ilona? I mean fancy asking a dog not to roll in a muddy ditch ha-ha :-))

  6. They do look very well behaved, sitting so attentively. You don't know what they're planning though...

  7. Like Crafty Cat Corner, I too heard Joyce Grenfell's voice in my head while reading that... ha ha... she was a favourite of mine and you captured it very well. Lovely doggies... :-)

  8. Warmed the cockles of my heart seeing these photos♥♥

  9. if you do a poo please wait by it untill I come and pick it up. Don't just run away because then I won't be able to find it.

    OH I SO know what you mean!

    Lovely pics, I love to see the dogs enjoying themselves.

  10. all nice dogs. you have very nice blog.

  11. Thank you Blogmakesmoney, but my blog doesn't make money ;o)


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