Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A walk to Castleton

Day three of my Edale trip. I thought I would go to Castleton today, I have walked around it before, but never been to it. Turn right out of the hostel drive, along the road a short distance, under the railway bridge, and take a sharp left turn up a track towards Back Tor farm and Hollins Cross. In this photo you can see the hostel nestling in the clump of trees, and the railway bridge.

A slow steep climb to Hollins Cross, when I arrived I recognised it, but took another photo anyway.

The views get better. Ahead of me is the ridge path to Mam Tor, I wasn't going to go there today, but the weather was lovely, sunny with a slight breeze and not a soul about. I couldn't resist it.

Arriving at Mam Tor, oh go on then, I'll take another photo.

Another sign with some interesting information.

I came down via Windy Knoll and veered left to Winnats Head Farm. Below is a photo of Winnats Pass, it is a very steep stretch of road with cattle grids at each end. It looked a nice easy stroll to the bottom so off I went.

At the bottom is Speedwell Cavern, it is open today, but I don't have time to visit. Shame that my time is limited by the short daylight hours. I wanted to get off the road at this point so I took a path on the right signed Peak Cavern. Across the fields high up on the hillside, I could see Peveril Castle, so I took a diversion and headed that way. It looked like it might be an alternative way into Castleton.
When I got to the top there was no access to it because there was a very deep and dangerous ravine. The barbed wire says it all, fall down here at your own risk, no thanks.

So another diversion was needed straight down to the bottom along the edge of a wood. Here is the entrance to Peak Cavern, access is in Castleton down a narrow street. The gates are closed today.

Time for my sandwiches, I found a bench outside the information centre, I love to sit and watch as people go about their daily business. Time for a quick look round before I head off. Here are four pics of this very popular village, it must be teeming with people at the height of summer. Shame about the ugly wheelie bins in this one, you'd think they could camouflage them for us tourists, ha ha.

There is a stream which runs right through it and when you walk along the side of it, the ducks follow, they're not daft :0)

A bit further along, a little weir.

And lots of little cottages.

Time to go, I took the Hollowford Road out of the village, which turned into a track. Past the Training and Conference Centre, past Only Grange Farm, and up to Backtor Nook, just along the ridge from Hollins Cross.

The photo below is Back Tor, I thought I must go up there and have a look. It was only when I was halfway up that I realised I had been there before, I recognised the stone I had sat on for my sandwich break. Oh well, worth a second look, and more photo's. While I was up there, I had a lovely conversation with a nice young man, I will talk to anyone.
The views as ever are stunning.

Time to go back down. I rejoined the path at Back Tor Farm, and was back at the hostel for 4pm.

I am always sad to go back to my house, because I feel that all this is my home. The great outdoors is the place for me. I can sit by a river bank, crouch on a hillside behind a rock, or find a big log in a forest to rest my legs. Absolutely wonderful. Now where shall I go next ;o)


  1. Some lovely photos of a walk I know well.

  2. I love seeing 'home' on other blogs! Castleton is actually about 25 miles away from me but I go there a lot - now and when I was younger - so it feels very local!

    Your photos are beautiful :)

    I love going to the caverns there. I don't do it often as it can be costly but you can get a join ticket for speedwell and peak which saves a few pennies. You should do that next time you visit as they are very interesting tours!

  3. my daughter stayed here with the YHA do it for real camps last year and loved it

  4. We really do live on a beautiful island don't we? Always grateful that you share your lovely pictures - looking forward to half term when we should be able to get out and about a bit - weather permitting of course!

  5. Do you ever worry about being out there by yourself. I have always wanted to visit the mother land that is what I call England as most people from New Zealand their ancestral roots go back there.

  6. Ilona, I'm just reading a Stephen Booth book set in this area, and you've provided some very nice images for me, it's lovely.
    twiggy x

  7. Gosh, all these wonderful open spaces makes you want to stride out right now. Wish I had the time to do what you`re doing. I also feel very much at home out in the open. I once walked over the Sussex Downs with a small tent on my back, and I still miss the solitude and freedom of the countryside, even now. My tent is packed away in the loft, but I do hope I can make use of it again, one day.

  8. You can breathe better, physically and mentally, when up on the Hills


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