Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Are you correctly inflated?

Now that's an invitation I couldn't refuse, a free night out at Central Tyres to learn the basics of car maintenance. Not that I really want to stick my head under the bonnet, but now I've changed to a petrol engine, I suppose I'd better take an interest. I must admit, owning diesel cars for a lot of years, they seem to run forever without me fiddling around with them.

Now gather round everyone, this is how to change a wheel. This task I am familiar with. Dead easy in a clean well lit garage, but I remember doing it once in the dark, on the offside, in the rain, on a fast and busy road :o(

That's right, loosen the nuts.

This is where you check the water, don't forget the anti freeze.

This is Gary putting his nuts back on.

Simon demontrates how to use a puncture repair aerosol so that you can drive to the nearest garage. Sadly it didn't do the job it was supposed to do and he said he would take it back to the shop tomorrow and complain.

Here are our four tyre fitters. Gary, John, Simon, and Dave.

I have used this company for years, and have always had good service from them. Tonight was very informative, they took the time to answer all our questions, and........we were given free refreshments :o) I got my tyres, oil, and water checked, so thanks lads.


  1. Wow, what a good idea and what great service!

  2. Sounds like they know how to keep their customers! ~Liz

  3. Of course, thats it! I'm not fat, I'm just over-inflated LOL

    Sounds like a very useful evening Ilona.

    Years ago our local car dealer ran a "ladies only" car maintenance course, they showed us how to drain the oil, change a wheel and all the "looking after your car" stuff. And it was free!

  4. I must see if there is anything similar here. Although we did do some basic know-how when we I learned to drive!


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