Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Feeling fruity

I've just eaten two plums and a quarter of a melon, mushed up in the blender into a smoothie, lovely. I'm trying to eat more fruit but I only buy it when it is on special offer. I would love to eat more berry fruits, but they are so expensive, I will not pay the price, and foreign strawberries are so tasteless anyway. So I am going to experiment with the cheaper fruits, sometimes blending tinned fruits into the smoothie as well.

You are supposed to eat fruit on an empty stomach, because the part of the digestive system which deals with it is right at the bottom of your gut. If you eat fruit after something else it gets blocked and does not go through quick enough, and therefore ferments inside you. Yuk, sounds horrible, bubbling away. Apparently, in a book I have been reading about food combining, you shouldn't have fruit as a pudding. Also you shouldn't mix carbohydrates with protiens, because they are digested in different parts as they work their way through. Don't know what you do about cheese on toast though, eat it in two seperate stages, pick the cheese off first ;o)

I'm making some celery soup which I will have in about an hour, that will give the fruit time to go through. Lovely smells wafting through from the kitchen.

Almost finished the bag, hope you like red, Jane.

PS. bag finished, it's fabulous :o)))


  1. Of course it's fabulous - YOU made it, you clever artistic creative woman! Don't forget now, tell those folk in the Art Gallery that it is spoken for - email me your address and it'll soon be paid for too! :O)

  2. I have already rung them Jane, and told them they can only borrow it. They have to put a 'sold' sign on it.

  3. Oh you are so very lucky Jane, it's just such a gorgeous bag. Ilona you are so gifted♥ xx


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