Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Only 707 posts to catch up on........

Hi Anne Marie, thank you for your question on a previous post.
I am chuffed that you like my blog and want to read the older posts, there are rather a lot of them, 707 to be exact, I've been at it for just over two years. Looking at them myself I think I ought to go back and check because some of them need tidying up a bit. Haven't got time at the moment, busy making another bag for the Arts Centre....... and it's looking good. It's sunny outside as well, what am I doing in here, should be out. Might go walking tomorrow.

Anyway back to your question, I've had a go at what you want to do, I presume, start at the beginning. You could click on the labels on the side bar if you are interested in a particular topic, but then you would have to click on older posts to go backwards to the beginning.

To go back to the beginning, go to Blog Archive and click on 2009. This will bring up the last post in 2009 at the top of the page, there was 294 of them in total. Go to the side bar again and click on January 30 posts. The first ever post was on 2nd January 2009, which you will find at the bottom, as it's in reverse order. Dont forget you have to read from the bottom upwards with a blog if you want to read it in date order. Use the slidey thing and drag it down the edge of the screen or you will wear your little wheel out on the mouse. I don't think there is a button for 'Go to bottom', unless someone knows of a quicker way by using the keyboard.

It's going to take you ages, so I suggest you read a month at a time, and make a note on a scrap of paper of where you are up to, then you can go back to that spot and carry on. Good luck, your friends will think you have become a hermit and send a search party out for you. If you add any comments I will see them because they come up at the top of my list on the Blogger Dashboard, even though they are on an older post.

I don't know if anyone goes back to a post after they put a comment on, to read other peoples comments. Sometimes the topic can be expanded in this way with more points of view. Toodle pip.


  1. Quite frequently I go back Ilona - as I did after my complaint about your bag selling to some other lucky woman, but I'm glad to see you're making another and I want first dibs please! :O))

  2. I know a quicker way using the keyobard - look for two buttons on it - Home and End - they will take you to the top or bottom of a page on the net or the beginning and end of a sentence in word and such like

  3. I often go back to see what other comments have been made to blogs that I have commented on. It is all very fascinating Ilona :-))

  4. Strange to read this tip...I've just been reading through ALL your old Blog posts and this is the date I'm up to now.

    It's been a fascinating read and very useful to me as I'm just starting a truly frugal way of life after a few years splurging.

    Now I feel I am about to get 'back on track' as it were and am truly enjoying spending less and living a simpler life.

    I've felt like a bit of a lurker reading all the past posts, but I thought it's time I let you know I was here.

    Sue xx

  5. Thanks for the info re the comments - I HAVE read all the posts from the beginning, started a while ago. There were some I wanted to comment on but didn't because of the age of the post - now I know I can :)

  6. And that's just what I'm doing now too. Luckily I had figured the method out myself.

    Glad to know you still can see comments on older posts. I have been tempted but assumed you wouldn't see them easily. Now I shall comment when the mood takes me!

    Enjoying myself so thank you Ilona.

  7. Welcome versavisa. I can see you, your comment has come up on the top of my list. Age of post does not matter, blogs never close unless they are deleted by the owner.

  8. Hi Meanqueen - I'm doing this very thing right now - I've kept up with your blog over the last couple of years but now going back to read the entire thing. Very enjoyable!

  9. Just read this post, and thought I'd let you know that I'm doing the same!

    It's taken me since last Friday to read up to here from the beginning, so I make that about 5 months a day?!!

    I've recently taken early retirement, so I'm existing on 50% minus a bit for going 3 yrs early, of my previous take home pay. I'd been saving about 40% for the last 12 months I was working to break me in gently!

    Still got years to go to state retirement age, but I can see I'll be rich when I get there!

    Loving reading your blog, I'm still working on the decluttering, and the sewing machine is ready to roll.........


  10. Haha ladies!

    And it's taken me 5 days to just get to here, I might catch up by the summer!

    Hi Ilona! Loving your blog.



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