Friday, 25 February 2011

Say a little prayer for me

There are two heavenly Cathedrals in Liverpool, and as I am of no particular religion, I find any place of worship to be quite spiritual. One can't help but gaze in wonder at the magnificence of these buildings.

I walked up Parliament Street and came to the Anglican Cathedral. This is the largest Cathedral in the UK, and the fifth largest in the world. I have just checked and didn't realise that it was only completed in 1978. As I approached, my view was spoilt by the modern houses and flats built nearby on a mini housing estate, it's a pity they put them so close.

The offices for the Cathedral are nearby, and I noticed the reflections in the windows.

This is the view of the back, to the right of it are the steep cliffs and gardens,

I walked though the car park on the left.

I think the inside is far more attractive than the outside, but not as easy to take photographs unless you have all the right equipment. I took these without a flash. The shop has a platform above it where there is a coffee shop and eatery.

The Alter.

Looking towards the front entrance from the choir stalls.

I would have liked to go up the tower but it was closed because they are upgrading the lift system. If you want to see more pictures try their web site
Annabelle took Anne Marie and myself to see the Metropolitan Cathedral which stands on Mount Pleasant. It has the largest stained glass panel in the world. This is a listed building and took five years to build, from 1962.
Can you see me mother?

Here I am.

I didn't take any photo's inside as it didn't seem appropriate. It was much quieter than the Anglican Cathedral, people were sitting quietly in prayer, everyone spoke in whispers, and as an invited guest in their space I felt priviledged just to be there.
I would say to anyone visiting Liverpool, do not judge a book by it's cover. This might seem like a concrete blot on the landscape, but inside is where the heart is. It is truly a beautiful place.
Two very different buildings but both with a heart of gold.


  1. I didn't realise it took five years, I would have thought it was longer than that with all the beautiful stuff inside. I particularly liked the tapestries which showed up from one side of the cathedral to the other. Beautiful!

  2. As usual Ilona, fantastic photos. You did the city proud, despite it being grey and overcast.
    Well done!

  3. Yes she did. I haven't downloaded my photos yet. Ilona always thinks when she presses the shutter!

  4. Very hard to see this when our own beloved cathedral has collapsed in the earthquake here.
    Such a centre of our city... 22 dead in the rubble

  5. I used to live in Liverpool so know both the cathedrals well - the trip up the Anglican tower is well worthy it when you can get up there (I didn't realise there was a lift - just remember a LOT of steps!)

    My favourite thing though is that the road between the two cathedrals is called Hope Street.


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