Friday, 4 February 2011

Sticky fingers crafts

This is an idea I pinched out of a book, Kirstie's Homemade Home, by Kirsty Allsopp. (Free out of the library) All you need is some PVA washable glue, fabric remnants, and an object to cover. I chose a small square shaped plastic cosmetic bottle and cut the top off. You could use a glass bottle, cardboard box, fizzy drinks bottle, or an old ornament that has seen better days.

You cut the fabric into small pieces, a bit bigger than a postage stamp, put dollops of glue on the backs with a small brush, and stick them randomly to the object, mixing the colours up. You can overlap the edges.

You don't need a flat surface to work on, you can scrunch the fabric up to fit the curves of a bottle. Then you add some bits of decoration, braid, pompoms, ribbon, beads, or any other trimmings out of your bit box. The glue takes a long time to dry, and you need lashings of it because it soaks into the fabric.

I put a few sprigs of plastic grass in mine, but you could put fresh flowers in if you use a plastic container. Or you could make a pen holder for your desk, or decorate a tissue box. You could make pretty home made gifts, and they are virtually free if you already have some glue lying around.


  1. Handy for pencils too, I use my pewter tankards for that. Unusual and very effective.

    I've got to think of a way of covering a new (old stock) cycling helmet that doesn't look like mushroom, so it doesn't look like the yellow in your vase!

    I've got one idea, fur fabric with tweed top, as a Russian hat but hopefully it will be too warm for that!

    I eagerly await your further adventures Ilona.

  2. Well done! Especially if you have fabric and reusable containers lying about. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment about my first quilting project. It still hasn't sunk in that I've really made one, lol. I've learned that quilting isn't an inexpensive craft if you buy the things you need to make it faster and hassle free. But I so enjoyed it!

  3. Very creative. I shall see if I can locate that book out of my local library. Keep crafting!


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