Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day four. A walk to Ambleside

I can highly recomend Windermere Youth Hostel. It has 69 beds, from a room with just two, to a room with eight. I was lucky enough to get a seven bedded en suite room to myself. There is a very nice lounge area with big soft comfy sofas, a log fire, and books and magazines to read. Also a television lounge, a childrens play room, and a bar if you fancy an alcoholic drink. There is a large size dining room and a well equipped clean members kitchen. Meals and pack up lunches are available if you don't want to cook.

There are washing machines and dryers if you should get wet or muddy while out, and a drying room where you can get your boots dry for the next day. Found this pic of my bed.

This is the view from the terrace, a little bit misty today but you can just about make out the lake in the distance.

The dining room overlooks the terrace. It's lovely to sit and watch the birds on the feeder, and a couple of squirrels that came to pinch a few nuts, ha ha.

My day won't be as long today as I have to drive 150 miles back home later, but a walk to Ambleside should just fit in nicely. I walked up the road to Troutbeck and took a path on the left, Nanny Lane. A bit of a climb up, but lovely views when I stopped for a breather. A little bit of chatting to a couple with a little dog, everyone is so friendly. A woman overtook me with her little dog, and I wondered if she might be going in the same direction. I kept her in my sight, because sometimes I can get a little confused and lose my way on the fells. Eventually I got to the top at Baystones and caught up with her. Another cheery conversation with a complete stranger, mostly about walking and dogs of course.
We decided to walk together for a while and made another stop at Wansfell Pike. Here is me looking at the map, it's a bit misty. We chatted to some more people, and Merle and Tilly took another route down. Tilly is a puppy and cannot be expected to walk great distances yet.

Amazing, just as we were about to set off, the mist lifted and Lake Windermere came into view.
Here I am following the path down to Ambleside.

A quick look back to see where I have been, that lump right at the top of the picture.

Almost in Ambleside now.

This is Stockghyll Force, a very high waterfall which brings many visitors to the town. There is a very pleasant walk through the woods alongside it.

This is the lower part of the waterfall.

After a bimble round Ambleside, and a sit down on a bench, no rain today thank goodness, I set off for Skelghyll Wood. There are several vantage points along here for a good view of the lake.

Here they have chopped the tops off a few trees and restored the view which has been blocked for a few years. A good idea I thought.

Ahhhh, there it is, now we can see you.

The shortest route back and I have clocked up 8.46 miles today, giving a total of 43.56 for the trip. I arrived back at the hostel at 4.30pm and set off at 5pm. Timed just nicely to pop into my local Tesco for a few reduced items. Got to get my bargains you know, to save up for the next trip.


  1. I am enjoying my armchair tour. Didnt you strike lucky with your accomodation, it sounds wonderful. Lovely views, what a beautiful part of the country.

  2. I must get fitter for our walks I'm lagging behind a bit, but enjoying the views as we go.

  3. Beautiful scenery. The hostel looks very nice too!

  4. What luck you had with the weather throughout.
    Nice pictures. Enjoy these armchair outings.

  5. what beautiful vistas. and a lovely place to stay. love it that you could wash up all your laundry before leaving if you wanted...that would save you from having to do it/pay for it once at home!


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