Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gorgeous baldy cat

Look at this lovely lady that came into our care a few weeks ago, pictured yesterday in Sue's pen. Someone rang and said this cat was roaming free, they were feeding it but it was in a terrible state and they didn't want to keep it. The poor little love was matted up with thick knots and clumps of stuck together fur.

It didn't seem to mind being groomed, so Janet, Paul, and Sue set about de matting it. It took a couple of weeks of gently teasing the lumps away from it's body and
snipping away, and gradually all the tangles were removed......

to reveal that the cat was pregnant. The fur will grow back and she will be beautiful again.

So now we have mum cat, who will be spayed, and three fluffy black kittens, to re homed. I don't have a pic of the kitties yet as they are huddled together in their bed, but when they start wandering about I will go back with the camera.

We don't know very much about the history of the cats we take in, sometimes details are very vague. People can say anything on the phone, and we sometimes wonder if the cat acually belongs to them and they just want to get rid of it. It may be that the story was true, and another family disowned the cat. We just don't know. What is more important is not where it came from but the life we can hopefully give it from now on.


  1. What a shame for the poor wee thing. It will be beautiful once it's fur grows back in again. You do such a tremendous job taking care of the animals you take in, getting them all sorted out and finding them new homes. Hope this little one and her kittens find good homes. Regards, Christy x

  2. Our long haired torti cat is very similar to this girl and her coat knots easily if it`s not brushed.

    Hoping that they all get a good home.

  3. Hope you can find people who will love the cat and her kittens like they deserve.

    Sft x

  4. Well done to the team for sorting out this wee girl.
    I wonder why she got in such a state if she dosent mind being groomed. She will make someone a lovely pet. Can't wait to see the kittens!

  5. What a sweet beautiful girl! She deserves all the love in the world. A couple of years ago we found a long haired kitten on the road (he had been hit by a car)..he was a huge mat with legs! Now he is in great condition and loves his daily groom.
    Thank you for what you do.
    Jane x

  6. Ah, bless, she's going to be a beauty again. You're doing such a grand job. I'm just going to a village in a short while where my friend takes in unwanted cats and loks after them without charitable status. I take bric-a-brac and books which she sells at car boot sales and other stalls.

    Look forward to seeing your pictures of the kittens.

  7. I am not a cat lover, but I admire the work you do for the animals you love. It's a pity there aren't more people like you.

  8. Ilona, Sue, Jane and Paul you are all Angels♥ I cannot believe people can be so cruel and uncaring. Thank goodness for such kind hearted people like you. What a beauty♥ xxx

  9. Hi again Ilona. Well done for getting the matting out of the cat's fur. I'm wondering why you didn't shave the fur short to make it even, being warm over there. It is getting warmer there, isn't it? (It's officially Winter here in Australia, as of yesterday.) Anyway, I'm just curious. She will be a sweet-looking cat when her fur grows back again. ~ Cynthia from Oz


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