Saturday, 24 September 2011

Last push for home.

Yay, it's Saturday night. Are you out on the town, having a few drinks maybe, a meal, and a disco perhaps? Not me, I'm in my room in Gainsborough, and very nice it is too. I'm waiting for the morning when I shall be setting off on the last push for home. I've got quite a gruelling walk to do, it's about 20 plus miles, probably more like 22 or 23, and a lot of it will be like a route march on tarmac. I need to keep up a good pace to get home before dark. Strangely enough when I get towards the end of a walk, I seem to find some extra energy from somewhere. Instead of slowing down I do the opposite and speed up.

The weather forecast is good, more sun. You should see how brown my legs are now, shame about the white feet and ankles though, ha ha.

I shall sign off now and go to bed, I need a good long sleep. Catch you later with some more photo's, when I am back at base camp. Thank you for being there for me, I have enjoyed reading your comments. Have a good Sunday.


  1. No late nights for me. I went out for a short spell yesterday and ended up sleeping for 14 straight hours! Very unusual for me but my leg is still giving me lots of problems. It is starting to get a tiny bit better and for that I am grateful. Still seeing the acupuncturist. I envy you your two good legs.

  2. My kids howl with laughter when I use the word "disco" LOL
    Sleep well and I look forward to the last lap of your adventure.

  3. Looking forward to the pics. Pace yourself well and have a good one!

  4. I hope your feet and legs don't get too tired on your last bit. Good luck.

  5. Stayed in last night and made a pear and almond tart and some pickled eggs; checked my store cupboards (what we dont get up to Saturday nights around here !) I have made some raspberry gin though, free bottle of gin and the raspberries were on clearance as was the sugar; thats as much of a drink as I m going to have this next 12 months.
    Making Chrismas puddings, cake and mincemeat next week all very cut price and top quality !
    You are still an inspiration Ilona !

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this walking trip. Great photos. Enjoy the last push!

    Sft x

  7. Are you home yet? I hope so it is getting dark now (7.15pm Sunday)
    We went for a meal last night at the restaurant we walked past on Thursday morning 2 courses for £12.95 and you asked was that for one person! Well we had 3 courses £17.95 each, you'd be horrified but it was a lovely treat :-))
    Looking forward to reading the rest of your Trent Walk diary

  8. Hope you are home,fed,watered and soaking those feet, thankyou for shareing your walk looking foorward to the next lot of pictures, oh to have half your energy and to be as disaplined with my shopping, any room in your village for one who needs so lessons?

    Barbara p


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