Sunday, 25 September 2011

Please be patient

Hi, I'm at home now, the day has gone well. I've been putting the next post together but have run out of steam, my brain is shutting down for the night. I will get back on the job in the morning. Toodle pip.


  1. Glad you arrived home safe and sound.
    Jane x

  2. Can I ask you Ilona - do you get stiff and achy after walking so far - do you take painkillers. I am asking because I have quite a lot of hip pain and no matter how much I walk it does nt really go away.
    Sounds like you had another great hike.

  3. If I walked that much, even when I did not have serious back problems, my brain would have shut down after the first mile of walking, much less the distance you walked!

  4. Hi lizzie. I was very stiff and achey after the first long walk, but because I walk a lot, this time has been a lot better. I have had no knee pain at all, no aches and pains while walking, and feel only slightly stiff in the legs this monday morning.

    On the first walk I had to walk through the pain, and force myself to carry on. For me it definately works that the more I walk the easier it gets. I am lucky not to have a hip or back problem. I think it is very important to excercise as often as you can, within your limits if you have a diagnosed mobility problem. Anyone embarking on a fitness routine should consult their doctor if they have any medical condition which might be aggravated by excercise.

    I think any excercise you take has to be consistent. I would not be able to do one long walk every two months and no other walking, because I would suffer. Regular and consistent is the key. The more you do something the easier it gets.

  5. That's absolutely right MQ. I found the same, only apart from my two round the coast of the Isle of Man walks, it was very long walks every couple of weeks, sometimes every week during a season.

    You do get accustomed to it. Still I think it is a lot more difficult to do what Ilona has done and find her own way seeking possible footpaths and bridleways, across country where specific routes are not always available in addition to actually walking it.

    You would like the Isle of Man Coastal path Ilona, even though it is a bit hairy on a couple of parts, path close to the cliff edge etc. However, if I ever did it again, I would avoid that bit and to hell with the "following the route to the letter" mentality like I did then.

  6. Good to know that you are back safely.


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