Thursday, 8 December 2011

A shocking electricity bill :o))

What a blustery old day it has been today. I haven't ventured far, pottering around in my many layers topped with a fleece dressing gown. I popped round to Sue's to pick up some stock for our sale tomorrow, it had to be sorted out, what we thought might sell, price it up, and leave behind anything which we won't be able to fit on the table. Janet came round with more stuff, and between us we got the job done. I think it will be mainly children spending their pocket money so we have priced accordingly. There will be some mum's around so a few things to appeal to them. You really don't know what will sell, or for how much. We can but try.

The electric and gas bill landed on the door mat this morning, I expected it about a week ago so I rang Brittish Gas yesterday to find out where it was. In the post they said. I like to pay bills on time, and if it had got lost I would have been penalised for paying late.

Anyway, it's not too bad. The gas part of it is very low as expected, I have hardly used any, but there has been a bit of an increase in my electricity consumption. I had extra lights on and the radio on a bit more, for the rescue pussies in my care. Comparing it to the previous bill I see the cost per KWh also went up, so that hasn't helped. I really must cut down my computer use, it's costing too much. I have the awful habit of leaving it on all day, and popping back now and then between jobs. But then again, I save in other ways, not using other electrical appliances unless absolutely necessary.

The combined bill is £74.20 for the quarter. For the same period last year it was £62.15, and in 2009 it was £56.55, so you can see it's creeping up. Funnily enough the gas part of it this time is lower than the two previous Decembers.

A couple of pics of Elmo have been sent to us, from his new owners. They absolutely adore him, he is a lucky puss to have a lovely new home. Look at his smart new collar.

I wonder if this Christmas tree is still standing, those baubles look very tempting. He is thinking, 'I wonder if I can climb to the top of that', ha ha.

Rehoming has slowed up a bit now, I suppose people have other things on their mind, like what are we doing for Christmas. Now is not a good time for rehoming anyway, too much going on with decorations and going out to party. You can't put a nervous cat into all that mayhem. We keep getting phone calls from people wanting to off load their cats onto us, but we have to keep saying no because we are full up. Someone asked if we can take 12 kittens, two seperate litters, why the heck don't they get them neutered, people are so irresponsible. Anyway, we do our best that's all we can do. Toodle pip.


  1. He is a handsome boy....I'd forgive that face anything!
    Jane x

  2. What a lucky puss, to finally have a loving home.
    Yes, the electricity is creeping up in price. We are lucky sofar. We only had the central heating on a few times for short periods, to take the chill off. And, as we are going to be away for Christmas we shall not use any electric for at least 10 days. Let`s hope the arctic conditions will keep away and we might also have less usage after Christmas. Every penny saved is a bonus.

  3. My next electricity bill will be lower than usual - man came to read meter today. I explained he would need a stepladder. He couldn't do stepladders (elfin safety I assume)so I gave him a reading I took on 21st November. He added 12 units to it and put that number on his sheet - so he's put 12 units down for 17 days! An estimate of about 85% for that period. I know I'll have to pay for it eventually but I'm sure my direct debits are ahead of my consumption so it's not a problem.

    Gas was OK - I've been checking that too and not using much heating.

  4. Oops - I meant an UNDERestimate of about 85%

  5. He is so beautiful with that smudge on his nose. He s better accessorized than I am. Glad it all worked out for him

  6. Elmo looks very regal, I'm glad that he has people who love him.

    Are you with Eon for gas and electricity? They have a deal for people over the age of 60.

    I hope your sale goes well.

  7. What a fab photo, it would make a gorgeous christmas card!

  8. We are snuggling up in duvet's to watch the tele and saving on a bit of gas and leccy, what we have used so far is frightening so we are being forced to economise.
    So glad you have found a nice home for Elmo.

  9. I can't thank you enough for your blog. I've only just discovered it, and you have changed my thinking and my life. Today, I saw some free advertising magazines at work. I picked one up and found a £20 voucher inside for a free haircut, which I have booked for Christmas, and 10% off at my favourite wool shop! Thanks Ilona for setting a good example!

  10. Elmo is a very handsome cat but it looks like that tree might be in danger!!

    I like the new colour scheme for your blog! I much prefer the green :)

  11. Oh no, my cat knocks down the tree at least once a year! We can't use the glass baubles anymore in case he breaks them or stands on one! Elmo's looking handsome!

    Electricity is going crazy-priced! I have the computer on too much too although I'm trying to use it less often. It is good to save in other ways instead too though! We'd miss you if you went AWOL!

  12. You are spending pennies for the computer. The computer is not contributing to a huge bill. However, if everyone would turn computers off, the nations as a whole would save billions. The fact that nuclear power plants and oil are being used is a huge problem."Sleeping computer electric use" is called phantom load or vampire power.

    However, if you are using an electric hot water heater, you can turn that down low until time for your bath. There are many ways to cut electricity usage if you google it. Better yet, come to my blog, sign up for swagbucks, and earn money. Or, I won't fuss if you search on my swagbucks swidget. Have you seen it? It's new.

    Aren't I a shameless, self-promoting, blogging hussy? LOL. Well, if you read on my blog about my free camera I got with Swagbucks, you would be using them,

    Raising the electric rates is not good for our budgets! And, turning off the computer when not actually using it would certainly be of benefit when combined with with millions of conscientious computer users.

    I am wrapped up too. The bill will get worse as time goes on. However, right now, we are having a few warmish days. But, tonight it is frigid. It is 28 F here, -2 in C.

  13. My electricity bill has gone down this year due to the mild weather and the woodburner.

  14. You are so lucky having mains gas, down here in the countryside I rely on oil which you have to buy in huge quantities to save money, 64p a litre at the moment. My house is usually about 15 degrees and I wrap up warm, just put the heating on in the evening for a few hours. Just a beautiful cat, you cannot beat black and whites.

  15. I hope you make oodles of money for the pussies at your sale!
    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sandie xx

  16. We ended up with 9 kittens from 2 litters once. We did get the daddy neutered but it turned out too late!
    One of the kittens went to my brother in law and the rest we kept!! Never would have dumped them on anyone else!

    So glad there are other mad cat people out there to look after them xx

  17. you could have power management set up on your computer so it goes into hibernation if you forget to turn it off.
    If its a laptop, it wont use much anyway when its 'snoozing'.
    Desktops have those other little bits n pieces to run and so are more power hungry but having an LCD screen really helps as they use much less than the old CRT monitors.


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