Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kidston Rocks OK !

Here we are then, back in Oxford. I said there was a lot of bikes, many of them are parked at the railway station. The ground is covered in brown crunchy leaves, which the workmen are trying to gather up. They are having to sweep between the rows of bikes which makes it quite difficult.

This sign is on a portable frame with wheels on the bottom, but some bright spark has chained their bike to the fixed barrier and the sign. How daft can you get.

These storage lockers look quite swish and are a better alternative to leaving your bike where it will get exposed to the elements, and thieves. Mind you most of them are wrecks anyway, but if you had a posh bike you could put it here.

All Cath Kidston fans now drool :o) This is just for you. I popped in here to have a look around to see why the name is so popular. Yes it's all very pretty and the colours are so sweet, it's alright I suppose but I can't get excited about it. You're going to hate me for saying that. Ok I give in, Cath Kidston rocks :o)

I asked permission to take photographs inside the store, but I was told no, not allowed. Miserable sew and sews, ha ha. So this is the best I could do with my little compact camera.

I thought the window display was quite clever. They used old wooden packing cases laid on their sides, and painted the insides in matching Cath colours.

This is the street outside the shop, loads more bikes. At least they are parked all together in the right place.

More Oxford pics to come. Toodle pip.


  1. I love Cath Kidston, thanks for that, I would love the gypsy caravan sewing box. Its already sold out on the website, bet its been really popular. Lots of people go crazy for a bit of Cath! x

  2. Remember the patchwork chair that was in one of my posts, that was from a Kath Kidston shop, I sneakily took it while nobody was looking. lol
    I love the stuff but would never pay the prices, I nearly fell through the floor when I looked at the price labels.

  3. I am enjoying your Oxford posts, my husband grew up on the outskirts of the city and knows the area well.
    You'd think the shops would welcome visitors taking photos, as it's all publicity after all.

  4. Kath Kidston is a prime example of brilliant marketing and branding.
    I cant believe how overpriced that stuff is even on sale.

  5. I think it's because the students are on holiday there are so many bikes. They've chained them up for the holiday.

    Never that many when I was there. I think it would get on my nerves too.

    I am loving seeing glimpses of Oxford. Such a fantastic city.

    Sft x

  6. I don't get Kath Kidston! English gals seem to be a bit obsessed (sorry dubgirl)...but I really don't get it.
    Jane x

  7. I can't get excited about Cath Kidston either. I don't want to fill my home with stuff just like everyone else has got, which is just as well as I couldn't afford CK stuff anyway! For me it's far more exciting to rummage through a box on the floor at a carboot sale in the cold and gloom of a winter's morning, find a treasure that someone else thinks is worthless tat, take it home and turn it into an individual, one-off piece for my home. Rescuing from landfill and giving something a second chance is far more appealing to me, and my treasures often feature in my postings as I am passionate about old stuff. My sewing boxes are mahogany with dovetailed joints, picked up for £1 each at the carboot. A bit of sanding, waxing and a buff up and they look amazing, and my antique, inlaid mahogany dressing table only cost £2 more than the original price of that sewing box - complete madness.I'm descended from travellers who lived in caravans in the 1800s - they would spin in their graves if I forked out that much for a bit of felt and fabric that's a poor imitation of their homes.

  8. I don't have a lot of CK stuff, but I do have some of their big china mugs. They are expensive at £5 each, but I had them as Christmas presents in 2010, and they are great as they hold a lot of tea, and being china the tea stays hot for ages, so this is one little luxury I enjoy every day!

  9. i love your blog, ive only just found it and its lovely. Thank you for the CK pics, how moany to not let you take pics-you-re advertising them anyway!!
    I love your pics, what a pretty place, id love to go there.

  10. I love Cath Kidston stuff because I'm really into vintage but I wouldn't pay their prices - not even in the sale. My kids have bought me a couple of bits for birthdays, and I'm afraid I got a copycat bag from the market for Xmas, but mostly you can get lovely vintage things by trawling second hand shops at a fraction of the price. I do love their shops, though, so pretty, but often its the old furniture - like the kitchen cabinet similar to the one my mum had - that I drool over.

  11. I am so pleased that I am not alone in CK leaving me cold. It's all to busy busy for my liking, I like blank spaces...the prices left me speechless!

    I was in Oxford a couple of months ago and saw a bike locked to that sign. How silly.

  12. I don't understand the Kidston mania either - who wants to be like everybody else?
    Kidston Clones. Rather like the Stepford Wives don't you think. Mindless copying.

    Also the stuff is made in sweat shops, a fact they would rather we didn't know.


  13. ooh nice, like holland with all those bikes.
    I like the colours in the shop but its all a bit flowery for my liking.

  14. I woke this morning in search of some Cath Kidston end of roll/ swatches material. That led me to your Oxford blog which featured a Cath Kidston store. It is now 13:25 having been distracted by you fascinating blog. Long may it continue.


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