Sunday, 29 January 2012

Last few pics of Whitby

I've just dug out the last few photo's of Whitby, a few odds and sods that caught my eye. I love looking down on these red roofs on the East Bank.

I was fascinated by these two gulls who kept stamping their feet, are they trying to keep warm I wondered. After a few minutes all was clear when one of them bent down to pull a worm from out of the ground. Clever seagulls :o)

There are hundreds of green benches all over the place, and quite a few of them have bunches of flowers left on them, presumably as some kind of memorial to a deceased relative or friend. Someone has gone one better and spent a bit extra on a basket of flowers, which was tied on with a piece of string. No doubt it made the person leaving it feel a bit closer to their loved one, but I can't help thinking that if the money spent had been given to charity, and a simple home made version using foliage from the hedgerows used, it would have still had the desired effect.

And then I saw this. Now this memorial has my full approval, what a fabulous seat, made in wrought iron. It's going to last many years, and be usefull as a resting place for anyone who needs to sit for a while. I think every sea front should go for this idea. They could all have a different design, and be painted all the colours of the rainbow. Wouldn't that be just fantastic.

What a spectacular building this is, standing high and proud on the West Cliff overlooking the sea. There is a restaurant and a pub on the ground floor, but the rest of the building didn't look to be occupied. I assume it must have been a hotel at one time, but there were no hotel signs to be seen. I would love to have a snoop around inside.

I love these shelters on the promenade. I can just picture ladies and gents in their 40's and 50's outfits, sitting chatting and eating their fish and chips.

This is Crescent Gardens on the West Cliff. In the centre are flower beds and lawns which you can walk through.

I haven't yet mentioned the Dracula connection, I will now. Bram Stoker found some of his inspiration for the Dracula stories from Whitby. He stayed in a house on Crescent Gardens. In 1994 the Whitby Goth Weekend was founded, and has grown into one of the worlds most premire Goth events. There is a Goth weekend 26th - 30th April 2012, and another from 31st October to 5th November. I love the way the Goths dress, I might go to one of those. That's all for Whitby, thanks for looking at my photo's. Catch up tomorrow.


  1. I love your idea of memorial benches...certainly would brighten up a grey day.
    Jane x

  2. Oh I would definitely be a Goth if I was 30 years younger! We have a great Goth shop here in Glastonbury.
    All these phots have been a delight Ilona, I love it that you show so much about the places you visit.
    Where are we going next? :-D

    1. No age restriction for Goths; all welcome :)
      The originals will be in their 50s-60s now, some older, many younger. But age is a state of mind & not relevant to being a Goth.

    2. Lovely, Whitby is a very special place. In defence of the usual memorial benches, with a small plaque or a few carved words - they make people think when maybe they're not expecting it. Some might not notice the words at all but if they do, there's contemplation & a gratitude for life, maybe.

  3. I can just picture you in Goth outfits, lol!

  4. Loved this journey. Must head to that Youth Hostel soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sft x

  5. Whitby looks fab from your photos! We are going to be staying in a little cottage just outside Whitby in may and I cant wait.I have only been to Whitby twice and am looking forward to our week there.

  6. You'd be a great goth Ilona. Can just imagine you all in black with those lacy fingerless gloves. LOL

  7. Hi Illona (a lurker here) I love reading your blog every day,and thankyou for taking me on a wonderful holiday to Whitby without my having to leave the house here in Australia, love it.

  8. I agree with the memorial benches very useful.

    Thanks for inviting us along on your trip to Whitby.

    I am with Kath, wanting to know where we are going to next?

    Gill in Canada

  9. I enjoy your blog. You write as if you are writing to old friends. The pictures you share are both charming and educational. Thanks for the blog!

  10. I like the Goth attire in most cases, but not the makeup so much. My GED students asked me if I was Goth because I wore lots of black. GED is alternative to high school diploma.

    Benches of any kind fascinate me. I have two iron benches and a stone bench. Well, the stone bench is a step from our old courthouse that I set atop two stones.

    Fascinating pictures as usual.

  11. What I love about that part of the East coast, Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay, is the contrast of the red roofs and blue sky, with the sea thrown in.

    I really must visit Whitby, the photos are lovely. Was that large building used in the TV series The Royal?

  12. Hello Ilona, loved reading your writings on Whitby-it really is a lovely place and quite unique. We have loads of stamping gulls here too. I read somewhere that the stamping simulates the pattering of rain, which makes the worms come to the surface and, well, that's that.

  13. Thanks for posting this. Brings back many good memories of my time there. I didn't know there was a hostel up by the Abbey, but remember there being a newish museum. Not sure if it's still there.

  14. Fantastic pictures of Whitby Ilona. I have just been catching up with your blog. I went to Whitby for a weekend when I was 16 yearspa old with my then boyfriend who was a soldier stationed in my hometown. We stole away on the train to go back to his parents' house in Cleveland for the weekend. My parents went mad because they'd already said I wasn't allowed to go!! He took me to Whitby for the day and I remember getting fish and chips on the beach. A fantastic weekend but not when I went home to face the music!! Hahahaha


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