Thursday, 5 January 2012

A last look at Oxford

Good morning. I'm going to wind Oxford up now with the last few photo's. I'm pleased that they have been of interest to you, and have brought back a few memories for some of you. I ran out of daylight the day before I took these, and had to pop back into town again before I left.

Love the architecture.

An ornate iron gate.

It was a case of walking around the streets to find the best angles, I love this one looking through the arch.

The finger post tourist signs are a good help to find places.

This is known as the Radcliffe Camera. It is a reading room next to the Bodleian Library.

The Bridge of Sighs.

The Bath Place Hotel, in a quiet little corner off Holywell Stree.

I have found this excellent short film on the tube. It's a virtual mini tour which features a lot of the places I saw. Take a look and enjoy. Toodle pip.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit, you are lucky :) The second picture reminded me of Trumpton town hall lol. I am glad you have had a nice time.

  2. My favourite picture here is the quaint little alleyway with the hotel, I love pretty little hidden corners like these.

  3. I loved looking at your Oxford pics, I have been there a few times and they brought back such happy memories!

  4. Gorgeous pics, you've really captured the 'feel' of Oxford. I'd love to have a peep inside the hotel in it's secret little hideaway
    Jane x

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. I loved looking at all the pics. and look forward to many more great adventures. :)

  6. Lovely photos, esp of Sheldonian Theatre and Radcliffe Camera.

    I spent many happy hours in both as a student.


    Sft x

  7. Those building remind me of the series 'The Pillars of the Earth' all about building the Cathedrals. I always think about the people now gone who worked so hard for so little building those wonderful places so that we can still enjoy them now.
    Where to next?

  8. Ilona, you have made my evening with your gorgeous pics of Oxford! I am catching up on your blog after 10 days without internet so have seen them all at once! I used to live in Oxford. I love the Bodleian, and the yellow stone and the architecture generally!

    PS was is the youth hostel near the railway station you stayed at, or is there another one? Am planning a trip back at some point and would be interested to know where you stayed (sorry if you said already and I didn't read it...)

  9. gosh you really have a fantastic eye for a fabulous photograph. These are excellent

  10. Thank you all for your comments, I do appreciate them. Maria, it is the Hostel near the railway station.

    Hello Deco Cat, I've been reading your new blog, it's looking good.

    Sol, you are so kind, I feel a blush coming on.

  11. More wonderful photos. Oxford is such a beautiful city.
    Have your read Thomas Hardy`s "Jude the Obscure" Ilona? I first fell in love with Oxford when I read it.


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