Friday, 27 January 2012

A room with a view

I didn't take many photo's of the inside of the hostel. It was comfortable, tastefully furnished, and clean, with modern facilities. This one is looking up at the ceiling in the main hall, as you climb the stairs.

And this is taken from the top floor looking down.

Here is my bunk bed. It was a four bedded room with seperate shower, and toilet with a washbasin. I like a lot of pillows so I always take three of my own, then I can prop myself up in bed and read. Each bed has it's own small light. Handy if others want to sleep.

There is a large conseravtory with tables and chairs. A bit cold in January but it must be lovely in the summer. The Abbey is right next door.

A glimpse of the town down below.

The views from the gardens are fantastic.

The gardens are really big. A group of volunteers had turned up when I was taking photo's, they were discussing which parts of the garden they were going to work on and which jobs needed doing first.

A view of the Abbey, from the other side of the wall around the hostel grounds.

And another. You can see it is quite close. I could see part of it from my bedroom window, talk about a room with a view.

I'll be back with more photo's tomorrow. Toodle pip


  1. wow what a great youth hostel and lovely views!

  2. You take great pics MQ - perhaps you should sell some ? just a thought.
    I've seen a lot worse for sale in gift shops.

  3. When he was younger my dad-in-law used to cycle up to Whitby via Scarborough from Hull and stay in the Youth Hostel, he was really pleased when I told him it was still operational (he stayed there in the late 40s/ early 50s)

    Thanks for the great photos :0)

  4. The places you stay at are like four star hotels...except the food is better!!
    Jane x

  5. When I used to travel around for work, my company used to pay a lot of money for me to stay in good hotels that didn't look as nice as the hostel you are staying in - that stairwell is beautiful and the position of the hostel absolutely idylic. Glad you're having a goot time Ilona.

  6. Love these photos!! Must be even more stunning in real life!!

  7. I agree what a lovely place with stunning views. How much do you pay per night?

    Gill in Canada

  8. Hi Gill. There is a special offer on at the moment on selected hostels untill 29th February. £10 per night in a dormitory. Normally £16 - £20 ish.

    Jane, you make me laugh with your witty comments. Yes my food is the best, and the cheapest.

    Kate, The hostel your FIL stayed at in the 40s/50s wasn't this one, it only opened in 2007.

  9. I wonder if it was re-opened then after refurbishing? There was a youth hostel next to the abbey in 2005 because my son and his friend booked in for 2 nights when we were on holiday nearby and they came for a visit. Either that or the hostel moved out of the long building where it used to be into the big house next door?

  10. It makes Travelodges look like garden sheds!

  11. Whitby YH has changed a bit over the past few years (just read your comment which explains why I was confused by your photos lol).

    I first went Youth hostelling in the 70's with our senior school and we Stayed at Scarborough, Robins hood Bay and Whitby youth hostels walking in between.

    Now I can't remember what I did yesterday but I can remember every little bit of that trip. To getting cut off by the sea in Scarborough and clambering over the rocks to safety drenched to the skin some wearing jeans having been told not to. Robins Hoods Bay being next to the sea in the little cove where the YH is in pitch black and drinking black tea that tasted of chicken soup in the dorm with no teachers with us. Then Whitby YH was a low red roofed building (stable block or similar I think - you can see why I was confused by your picture lol)) no curtains and scaring ourselves silly thinking we had seen a ghost of a monk on the abbey that turned out to be a chimney pot somewhere. And Vegetable soup that looked and tasted of water with veg peelings in.. Happy memories still 35 years on


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