Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Late shopping on the way back

I'm a wee bit late tonight, had a lovely day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield. This has been on my list of places to visit for a while now, and the weather looked promising this morning so it was a spur of the moment decision to go. It's about 45 miles away, via Doncaster and Barnsley, I always manage to get lost going through Barnsley, the sign posting is a bit confusing.

Anyway, I have lots of photo's to sort out, it's getting a bit late now so I'll post them tomorrow. Halfway between Doncaster and Barnsley there is a man who sells vegetables from his trailer in a layby at the side of the road. He has been there years, but I have never stopped before because he has very large bags and he dosen't split them. The sign said Carrots £1.50, so I pulled in. Here is my bag of carrots, it is a massive bag, the type you see in supermarkets, they cut the bag open and you choose your own. I don't know how I'm going to fit all those in my fridge, ha ha. I also bought a bag of potatoes for £3.00. The man said they would keep for ages in a cool place. I'm well pleased, they will keep me going for ages. 

As usual I timed my return to call in at Tesco on the way in. I was a bit too early for the really cheap reduced stuff, but I got some bread and mushrooms, better than nowt. I went down the long life milk aisle to get some evaporated milk. I am quite liking this at the moment, as an alternative to soya milk. Last week it was 59p a tin, and as I dilute it for cereals I thought that was a good buy. I had a bit of a surprise, there was a whole shelf full of it, and it was marked at 30p. I checked the date, Feb 2013, so what's the catch, perhaps they had too much of it. I bought 24 tins, I might go back for more.

I need some more cat food so I went to Sainsbury's just down the road, as they have a two for £5 offer on. I stocked up and bought 12 boxes. I'm glad I went because they had just done their final mark down for the night, I managed to get all this, bread, salad, Houmous, fruit and vegetables, for £2.09. That's cheered me up no end, I'm dead chuffed with that. I'll enter all this in the food diary tomorrow.

Look at Mayze watching me putting the shopping away, she makes me laugh.

I'll catch you tomorrow, nighty night.


  1. I hope you have some photos of the sculpture park for us, that's been on my list for a while too!

    Great bargains today :)

  2. We live just up the road from the Sculpture Park Ilona, you should have popped in for a cuppa :) Glad you enjoyed it.
    twiggy x

  3. Mayze " Is that for me, Mum?"
    Jane x

  4. Those were all good deals. If your house is like mine, you will have no trouble finding a cool spot to store potatoes. Just make sure it is also dark, or the potatoes could make you will. That is a pretty curtain where kitty is peeking at you.

  5. I meant to say potatoes can make you ill...not will...that just makes no sense.

  6. Meanqueen,sine I started to read you blog,from spendaholic i became frugalholic.
    I even get free fruit from the crown land near the road.
    Love you baby.

  7. Haha, what a bargain on the carrots. I expect it's Carrots for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

  8. carrot soup, carrot pasties, sweet carrot pies, (I love these) carrot puree, carrot mash, etc. etc. you'll be turning orange !
    Have you tried making yoghurt with evap milk ?
    Mayze looks so cute - I had all 6 of my cats on the bed last night, if I ask them nicely, they let me get in sometimes !

  9. Thanks for the comment on the mobile library,
    there is a protest on Thursday and there has been a large petition but knowing this council they will take no notice.
    The funny thing is that this is so called 'Green Council' and they have put up the allotment rents by 60% and are intending to put larger taxi's on the road, can't get my head around them at the moment....

  10. How lucky you had your camera ready when little Maizie popped out under the curtains!

  11. Hi Ilona, the Sculpture Park is my favourite place to visit on a sunny day...and its FREE! (Though the parking is a bit pricey still a good deal) Did you enjoy it? I'm currently running my yellow sticker haul down in February so I'm trying to stay out of the shops for a while and having withdrawal symptoms. I got my yellow sticker buzz from looking at your lot though - well done.

  12. Great finds Ilona! We are in an apartment with a small fridge/freezer. I'm learning everything on storage that I can...since my sweetheart is also changing over to consuming more produce. Hope you'll share where everything gets put! ;)

  13. I just love that picture of Mayze - she reminds me of my Tilly. Love your pic of the yellow-stickered haul. My fridge and freezer are both full to bursting as is my store cupboard, so I am having to stay away from the supermarkets at the moment. I am missing my yellow-sticker-buzz!

  14. You did well with those carrots and potatoes.
    Just cut and freeze those carrots if you can. They keep in the freezer longer than your fridge.

  15. If you can freeze some of the carrots, you can easily dry some of them. You can also shred them and use them in muffins, sweet breads, etc.


    Great finds!


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