Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ready for the off

I usually have a lie in on a Saturday, 7am in the week and 8am at the weekend. The phone rang this morning just before eight, flippin heck, who wants me this early, good job I am up. A mans voice said, 'Hello, it's the Tesco delivery driver, we'll be with you in an hour'. Sure enough, he was, bloomin great service I thought, better than waiting in all day for it. The man wheeled a massive heavy box in on his sack barrow, what a whoppa.    

And here is my lovely new toy. I had to have a bit of a move round but I managed to get it in. I cleared a corner, this bit of the living room is my new mini gym. From this position I can look out of the back and the front windows. I've checked from outside in the street, no one will be able to see me as they walk past. 

It was fairly easy to put together, all the tools required were in the box. There's a handy socket nearby to plug it in. The pussy cats were well confused with all the furniture being moved around. I can just imagine what they were thinking, 'Oh gawd, what's she doing now, I'm out of here, she's got that blasted Dyson thing going again, I hate that'.  

Well that's me ready for the off. I've had a little go on it, and I'm not as fit as I thought. It's going to take a lot of work to get my leg muscles toughened up. All I've got to do is work the computer out now. This page in the instruction book tells how to test your body fat, I don't think my wobbly bits are the same thing. It all looks very complicated, I'll have to study the book.

So tomorrow I start my new fitness regime, to be honest, I haven't a clue how long I am supposed to do it for. There are lots of different programmes to play around with, I am going to stick at it untill I see some improvements. 

A cheap and simple dinner tonight, not in the mood for cooking. Spaghetti about 5p, and mushy peas 13p. That will do fine.  

PP asked about the phrase, 'Aye up me ducks'. It must sound like a foreign language to anyone outside the UK, ha ha. Sorry to confuse you PP. It's a Derbyshire dialect phrase, an old fashioned regional term, it means Hello my dears. 'Dead chuffed', means very pleased.  Toodle pip  :o)


  1. I got one of those only yesterday -and it was FREE from Freecycle (rather aptly) Now that's what I call Frugal ! I must admit I had a bit of a shock when I went to pick it up, I thought it was one of those square thingies with feet shaped pads on that you just pushed down on ! what a shock - but also what a bargain, only problem, no instructions, but I'm sure I'll get them from the manufacturers website.

  2. I'm glad you got your delivery mine never arrived, see my blog for details.

  3. MQ - is this signing in business permanent ? not only is there the two word verification, but I have to keep on signing into my Google account as well - I should imagine it could put a lot of people off posting which would be a shame

  4. I've had a problem commenting too. Have written long comments only to loose them while having to sign in again.
    Thought about you today and wondered if your marvellous machine had been delivered. I'm sure you will soon get to grips with all the programmes on it.

  5. The signing in problem is back? If you untick the 'remember me/keep me signed in' box that may help.
    Ilona, whenever you say 'aye up me ducks' is reminds me of hubby's Grandad..he was Coventry born and bred.
    Jane x

  6. I have always liked the phrase well chuffed or dead chuffed. It is very descriptive and makes me think of a very proud rooster strutting his stuff. Have fun with your new toy.

  7. An explosive combination Ilona mushy peas followed by cross training. i hope you've got a 'hazardous area keep out' warning on the door ! Jules

  8. Bleurgh, if there's one thing I hate, it's mushy peas! At Nottingham's Goose Fair they sell it with mint sauce. Do you like that?

    My Grandma was from Nottingham, and moved to Cornwall when I was little. I remember her calling me a "duck" fairly regularly, so one day I just said, rather informatively, "Grandma, I'm not a duck!" :)

  9. Light the blue touch paper and retire! That looks great Ilona, I wish I had room for that. Me Ducks is a phrase commonly used in the Potteries and Leek too. It used to fascinate me when I first moved to Leek. My boss once bought me a little booklet titled 'Arfur tawk rite in Staffordshire" or something like that. I still have it after all these years, about 40 I think.

  10. Explosive indeed, I bet the cats don't stay under the bed covers for very long tonight, ha ha. Mint sauce flavoured peas are very nice.

    Wean, you were very lucky to get one of these machines, perhaps we can compare training notes. Report in each night how many minutes we have done.

    Sorry if you are having signing in problems, there's nothing I can do about it. Try as Jane says, uncheck the keep me signed in box. I sign in every day now.

  11. I never have a bit of trouble commenting. I am not signed in anywhere except on my blog. I never sign out of my blog. I do hate those two word sign ins. Are the robots getting more intelligent. I found the solution to your sign in problems. Will have to find it again and post to you in a comment. I was having trouble with my blog, so I was searching for answers and could not comment and rarely could see anyone's blog, not even all of mine.

    If I were going to go colloquial, for " very pleased," I would say "tickled pink." Now, would any of you know that? Just wondering, not challenging.

    Is this the kind of comment place you wanted--embedded?

  12. I hope you get a hang of it soon, loved the look of your supper, have trouble getting mushy peas over here in Canada.

    Gill in Canada

  13. I hope you enjoy your new toy! I used something like it many years ago, during the winters, to try to keep some muscle tone in my legs. Unfortunately, degeneration in my joints has put a stop to that, and lots of other activities. Keep going as long as you can, Ilona!

    One suggestion: take it more slowly than you think you need to, at first...short periods of time, every other day at most, and not pushing yourself to fatigue-point. :)

  14. Hope your new fitness regime goes well, though I'm more of an outdoor gym kind of girl myself. Aside from that I've just come across your blog and will be reading back posts for tips as am currently undertaking a frugal February challenge of living (food, drink, leisure) on £25 per week. This may well become miserly March as it's actually proving to be quite fun!

  15. This is a very smart investment. Now you will be even more fit and healthy and like you said working up a sweat will keep you warmer too. Two birds with one stone.


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