Thursday, 22 March 2012

Meanqueen on the radio in Hull

Hey, what do you think of Blair Jacobs then, the presenter on Radio Humberside who was standing in for Burnsy this morning? Kinda dishy isn't he, I was all hot and bothered. Now he's the kind of guy I would go for if he was available, ha ha. Well a girl can dream can't she.  
The interview went quite well, I had a few hesitations when I couldn't get the words out. My mouth was two seconds ahead of my brain, but then the old grey matter caught up and I gabbled on a bit, then there was no stopping me :o)  
The Studios in Queens Gardens. Afterwards I sat in the sun and watched the world go by, eating my packup lunch.  
While I was there I thought I might as well have a litle bimble. This is the Guildhall.
Not sure who this bloke is, but it makes a nice picture in the sunshine.
The man on top of the plinth looking down on Hull is Mr Wilberforce. He stands outside the college.
I went to have a look round the Street Life Museum and found some people dressed in period costume having their photo taken. Me being nosy I asked what it was for, they said it's for publicity brochures.
I politely asked if they would pose for me, and they did. One of them also took my photo when I said I had just been on the radio, ha ha.
Here are a few photo's from inside the museum. I have never seen anyone ride a real penny farthing bike before, I wonder how they get on it.
You can climb inside this carriage and it takes you on a pretend journey without going anywhere. It's like one of those virtual rides at a theme park. You get the motions and the sound effects. It was bumping along on the cobbles, a very rough ride, and the two men driving it were talking to each other. You could hear the horses hooves as well. 
When you walk into this room you get a horrible smell, just like a men's old fashioned urinal where they haven't aimed straight and missed the trough. I asked the attendant why it smells, he showed me a grid in the floor, they pump up the aroma to make it more realistic. I thought it was disgusting and made a quick exit. Yuk :o(
I love these old trolley buses. This one is a bit like those on Blackpool promenade.
It's a fantastic museum if you ever get to Hull. Lots of interesting stuff to see.
Anyway, if you didn't get to listen to the interview you can get it here. You need to fast forward it, I start at 1hour 46 minutes.


  1. Thanks for the info Ilona, I shall have to listen tomorrow now.

    Loved the tour of Hull b the way.

  2. I can get this! I came back to see why 1 hr forward was not said 1;46...gotta go again to listen. Did you tell him I wanted to hear this?....your international audience?

  3. Well done Ilona! Great show. Bad news though - Tesco Value Rice Pudding up to 22p i think though (up 9p..) 13p at Asda though! (Hope I helped)

  4. FrugalFishFinger100122 March 2012 at 20:07

    Sorry - not actually anonymous!

  5. Nice! I got to hear the program. Good job,Ilona. Now, I know exactly how to pronounce your name. Is that a common name in England? I have never heard it before.I am always confused as to why you don't just make rice pudding. A friend buys it, and it is soooo expensive compared to making it at home.

    Listening to the news on the same program, your news is not at all different than in the US--same issues.

  6. Ilona, I just listened to your was brilliant! Honoured to know you.
    Jane x

  7. Never thought I'd see you looking hot and flustered in the presence of a dishy fella. lol

  8. I shall have to have your autograph now ha ha

    That looks like a great museum, I'd love a ride in the (pretend) stage coach! I did have my photo taken in one when we got married at Gretna, in the museum there.

  9. Ilona, how wonderful to finally hear you! I'm going to be nosy (it's a bad habit, I know), does one get paid for doing interviews on radio and TV? I've always wondered. Anyway, great interview.

    Renee :)

  10. Looks like an interesting museum.

    I watched people getting on penny farthings last year - you may remember my post about the races last year -

    so I can tell you how people get on them! There is a sort of peg thing a bit above the small wheel which the rider puts one foot on while scooting along with the other foot and then once the bike is in motion they jump up onto the seat.

  11. ah, Dave has just sent me this video (after I asked him to remind me how people got on the penny farthings) so I can show you too!

    Good old youtube

  12. It was brilliant Ilona! You actually sounded so confident - I wish I could talk like that in public. I remember a radio reporter trying to interview me at a train station platform, I saw the mike and my brain turned to mush. They gave you so much more time to explain how you live. I loved your down to earth honesty about the budget. At the end of the day we just cut back from different areas and live within our means. Well done Ilona. Debs x

  13. I've yet to listen Ilona, as I've been out all day. I'll have a go tomorrow. Your photos look great, really interesting.

    I know someone who has a Penny Farthing (or Ordinary) and he rides it with tweeds and everything. His former partner, then wife, now divorced, used to ride it too. I never fancied even having a go. There used to be all these strange bikes brought at the cycling weekends that used to be held at Lancaster.

  14. congrats on your radio interview...


  15. I haven't had time to listen yet - I will when a get a few minutes to spare ......
    Great pics as usual - I was wondering though, what is the table tennis table doing in there ? were those 'period dressed' people playing ping-pong ?

  16. Hi Wean. There are several table tennis tables dotted around the city. It's the council's initiative to get people exercising. There were two bats there but I don't know where you get the balls from, perhaps you provide your own.

    Hi Renee. Not I don't get paid to do the interview, and neither does anyone else as far as I know. It is an opportunity to publicise your own business if you have one, or in my case, my blog. I do it for the fun of it.

    Hi PP. My name is not common in the UK. It comes mainly from Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany. Blair did an ok pronunciation of it. Glad you can hear the interview, I didn't have anything to do with it, maybe they have tinkered with the mechanics of the web site.

  17. Brilliant interview! Shame they can`t get you to run your own program on frugalities. Now, that would have a broad audience listening, I`m sure.

  18. I've just listened to the interview, you were very articulate and you got your point across with tremendous flair and grace. You are such an inspiration, many people moan about the budget etc, but you are actually doing something to change your own life, and the lives of those around you, with cleaning up your neighbourhood and recycling etc. Also, you glow with good health, which surely is a very good advertisement for your lifestyle. Good for you Ilona, by reading your blog I am learning so much, and hopefully my life is changing a little bit at a time too.

  19. It's great they're giving time to talk about frugal matters. You came across very well!


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