Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Almost the last supper

Just when I thought I had nothing left to make a meal with, I found some runner beans, carrots, and another courgette. I took down the bean plants today and chopped them up, and left them on the raised bed. They will rot down over the winter. I picked the last of the carrots, all a bit small and funny shapes, but still enough for a meal. I've retrieved the last of the edible courgettes. The two tiny ones left are not edible, they have stopped growing and are a funny shade of yellow. 
Steamed home grown veggies with two shop bought onions, and two grilled Quorn sausages, makes a cheap meal. I still have quite a lot of tins left in my store cupboard, and some items in the freezer, but I don't think I will let my food stocks get quite as low as I did last time when I ate virtually everything I had. I don't fancy eating baked beans, mushy peas, and rice pudding for a week, ha ha. So, will I go shopping tomorrow night, or shall I leave it till Thursday? I could eat one of those 20p pasta ready meals tomorrow, so maybe I can hang on a bit longer. Toodle pip.


  1. the only thing with letting your stock of food go so low, is if you're taken ill and can't go out for some reason, you'll have no food left in the house to eat. Just thinking?


  2. Hi Gill, I have friends who would go shopping for me. No worries.

  3. You have lovely neighbours!

  4. I bet the cats and Rockie dont scratch around for something to eat!!!Lol.

  5. My Dad always used to say that if you think there is nothing to eat...look harder ...you'll be surprised what you really do have.
    Jane x

  6. Your vegetable mix looks very fresh and tasty and I'm sure you enjoyed it. Pasta is filling and might just get you through to Thursday - if you have any of those onions left and maybe a sausage you could chop them up and add to the pasta to make it a bit more substantial ... just a suggestion :) Whatever, I'm filled with admiration for your determination to manage on what is in store. Elizabeth xx

  7. A wonderfully healthy meal from what you had.

    I'm just starting to run my freezer stock down, I'm actually amazed at the amount of food we have in there.

    Sue xx

  8. I need to run the freezer down before Christmas, so will be inspired by your good ideas to make what I can from whatever is lurking in the depths......

    We picked the last courgettes this week but left two behind that the mice had already started!

  9. Thanks for the comment Ilona. Give it a try, I'm sure you would come up with something original.
    I would make Christmas cards but as I don't send any it's not worth it. lol
    Not mean, just can't see the sense in them.
    Looking forward to seeing what you gather in your big shop.

  10. Hi Ilona, Your dinner looks very tasty, and appetising with all that veg on the plate. Probably a lot more flavour in it too, than the shop bought stuff. What veg will you be growing for next year, any ideas? There is plans for allotments here, for folks that don't have gardens like us, but not sure when it's going to happen. We ran our cupboards down over the hols, astounded by the amount of stuff we had in, a lot of inventive dinners. :-) Cheers for now, Christy.


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