Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Making a gift for my friend

I've been a bit busy today, being creative, but have managed to fit in a walk in the park. It was a gloriously sunny morning, just a tad chilly, but  nothing that a good heavy jacket and lots of layers couldn't cope with. From a distance I could see that the deer were congregating near the fence at the back of the hall, so I legged it over there to watch them for a while. They get their winter food brought to them on a tractor and trailer, due to not much grazing.
Unfortunately I had just missed the scattering of the food, so it was heads down as they foraged for every last morsel. I see there are a few young ones this year. I love to watch them.

Around the back of the hall is a sun trap. It is also where the staff put out the corn on the steps and window sill to encourage the peacocks to visit. There were four of them there today.

They wander freely around the grounds, though they tend to stick close to the house, the walled garden, and outbuildings. They are often hanging around the car park, a nice sight to greet the visitors.

There is an information building, and inside is Joey. He was the dominant male of the herd, until he was challenged for top position in a bloody battle, and came off worst. He died from his injuries.

Poor Joey, and now he has no legs, I wondered what happened to them. I don't like to see stuffed animals, I think taking a dead body apart to use the skin to build it back up on a frame is  disrespectful to them. I suppose Joey could have been served up as steaks. Even so, he should have had a dignified funeral.
Here is a little teaser, a couple of mini pics of what I have been doing today. I need to get this finished for Christmas because it's a pressie for someone. Can you guess what it is? No prizes.

Must get back to it, I'll post the pics when it is finished.
Toodle pip.


  1. Love the peacocks! Great to see such vibrant colours especially at this time of year. That poor stag! I hate to see stuffed animals, The first time I went round The Natural History Museum in London I had to blink back the tears at the stuffed animals. Now I tend to stick to the dinosaur bones!

    I think you are making a cushion and a very pretty one at that!!!

    Thank you for your yellow sticker advice a couple of postings ago. I went there at 7.30pm this evening and got

    Large Hovis wholemeal loaf 8p
    2 x thick sliced Hovis wholemeal loaves 5p each
    2.5 kg King Edwards 11p
    large pack mushrooms 4p
    2 x three bean casserole packs 7p each

    Total spend 47p!!!!!!!!

    I noticed some Chinese ladies there with trolleys full of yellow sticker stuff so I trotted around after them to find out where everything was. Next time I think I'll go a bit earlier, but I am soooo pleased with my haul this evening. Everything bar the potatoes and Mushrooms now in the freezer. Mushroom omelette tomorrow with some fries I think. Thanks again Ilona, you saved me loads.

    Linda xx

    1. Brilliant Linda. Fantastic bargains. You'll get hooked and won't want to pay normal prices any more.

  2. Wonderful photos, all except for Joey, I would have buried him, I'm no fan of stuffed animals, it seems to rob them of their dignity and grace. I'm guessing a small pillow or a quilted purse or table mat. Really loved the peacocks!

  3. Whatever your sewing is, I'm impressed with your chain stitch. I can never get it so neat and all the same size. The colours are fabulous. Had perfect weather here today too, sunny but a bit nippy.

  4. Either a pair of mittens or slippers.
    Love the colours in your photographs. It's been cold here today and another cold night tonight.

  5. Not another bag Ilona! :) Looks pretty though whatever it is. Can you believe I'm scared sh%$less of peacocks? Had a bad experience when I was a kid...shudder and sweats at your pictures. Debbie

  6. Agree with Sals VIew, the first thing I noticed was the neatness of your work!

  7. Good grief they still have Joey , i remember him back to the 70s

  8. Lovely pictures. I think you are making some cushion covers.

  9. I have no idea what your lovely creation is .... a bag maybe? But your stitches are lovely so neat and perfect, if only I could sew like that, I guess I just have too little patience :-(

    I don't like to see stuffed animals either, no matter how they died, I also don't like to see animal skin rugs and would never walk over one, like you say totally disrespectful.

  10. No right guesses yet. Here's a clue. There is stuffing involved. Looking good.

  11. Maybe a petite cushion or a pin cushion.

  12. Gorgeous peacock photos I love them ,so beautiful. Your stitching is so neat and pretty, Ilona, Are you making a tiny house?